5 Reasons to Participate in Small Business Saturday

5 Reasons to Participate in Small Business Saturday

We all know that with the holiday season, comes holiday shopping. Rather than stressing about finding the perfect gift, playing the ‘correct size’ guessing game with online shopping, or facing the chaos of black friday, participate in Small Business Saturday where your money is better spent. There are so many hidden benefits of shopping small on this under celebrated holiday, which is why we’ve created the 5 Reasons to Participate in Small Business Saturday for both customers and business owners!

Small Business Saturday is valuable to not only the business owners, but also the customers, as it offers them both an opportunity to gain a unique experience from this day. It was originally created by American Express in 2010 but quickly took off and has transformed the way local businesses are growing. Small businesses are taking over the this year’s holiday shopping with the rise of Small Business Saturday. Studies show that as of last year, 112 million people went out to shop small on Small Business Saturday 2016, a 13% increase from 2015” and we can only assume that this number will only continue to increase this year.

Since, “Small businesses currently make up more than 34 percent of businesses in the United States” (DirectEnergy) there are countless storefronts and opportunities to shopping on this Small Business Saturday, and from one small business to another – here are 5 Reasons to Participate in Small Business Saturday:

  1. Learn more about local businesses – Learning about your neighbors and their businesses is an important way for you to grow in your community. Small business Saturday provides you with the perfect opportunity to do this. Take this time to truly grow and learn more about the businesses in your surrounding area. You may discover your new favorite business this Small Business Saturday. You may find a new bakery you love, or the perfect boutique, but no matter what you discover it is a known fact that each small business is an expert in their craft. While you learn about these small businesses you are also learning about the small business owner, their passions and what makes their business unique.
  2. Embrace uniqueness – Every small business has something different to offer. Whether it be locally grown food or a handmade necklace, there is something to be said about the uniqueness of each business. Not one small business is the same. They are all individually unique, which makes them somewhat of a hidden treasure. Let’s face it – you’re much better off buying a one of a kind necklace from a small business then buying a typical one from a chain store. Buying local guarantees you with an original gift, one that holds a deeper value.
  3. Support your community – Whether you’re a business owner or a customer, you should take any chance you get to support the businesses around you. This support is what keeps the small businesses alive! Without loyal customers and encouragement from the community, a small businesses would have nothing else to depend on. Studies show that, “Over a 20-year period between 1993 and 2013, small businesses accounted for a whopping 14.9 million net new jobs created in the United States” (DirectEnergy). This is an important reminder that by supporting these businesses, you are also supporting the men and women in these jobs. Small Business Saturday allows you to show your support, while also scoring a few cool finds along the way.
  4. Shop smart – Shopping this Small Business Saturday will help you save money, and also give you the confidence of knowing that the money you are spending – is going somewhere meaningful. Rather than spending your money and not knowing where it goes, you can rest assured knowing that every penny you spend is going towards a business that will use it for something that matters. As a small business owner you may know that spending your money wisely is a top priority. Support your fellow entrepreneurs as you would want them to support you! Spend your money where it matters and pay it forward, in return, you will also be gaining support.
  5. Be a Local – It’s important to take pride in where you’re from. Getting involved with your local environment can either help your business thrive, as a business owner, or help you learn more about unique businesses you want to buy from, as a customer. One thing will always be the same for both the business owner and customer when the time comes to holiday shop: Small Business Saturday will help you become a local by allowing you to discover more about the area in which you live in.

We’d encourage you to embrace your community as the holidays approach and take the time to learn something new about the small businesses in your area. It’s the season of giving – and the advice we’re giving you is far more valuable than an expensive gift. Whether you’re a business owner or a shopper make sure to save yourself some time (and money), learn more about your local businesses, and shop small business Saturday!

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