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Business Warrior helps lay the foundation for online advertising and offers software and services to help small business find long-term success


The culture of small business in America is unlike anything else in the world, and we're grateful for it.

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Small businesses are up against big competition like never before.

Small business owners have been struggling, especially in the past two decades. The vast majority fail or go into massive debt just to survive. The reason for this failure isn’t usually a bad product or service, or even negligence. These businesses fail because of operational inefficiencies, a lack of capital, and not enough marketing prowess. We are determined to help small businesses solve each of these challenges. Business Warrior is built, owned, and run by passionate entrepreneurs who love the pursuit of growth. We crave the local experience, and believe that as much capital as possible should stay close to home.


Foundational marketing over trends
Foundational marketing over trends

We believe in setting up a strong marketing foundation. If you’re chasing the latest digital marketing trends, your competitors will beat you towards what matters: your reputation and your ability to be found online by people in your target market. Your customers are online, and it's our job to make sure they find you, no matter your budget and size of your dreams.

Scale strong foundations
Scale strong foundations

With efficient marketing and systems, your company is ready to scale. We believe that you shouldn’t invest in paid advertising until you’re ready. We help companies identify that readiness criteria and meet it. Lay the groundwork and get marketing ROI before you go all in.

Efficiency matters
Efficiency matters

Marketing can drive unlimited leads, but you have to be ready for them. We help business owners get more customers by setting up the right technology and processes. The more prepared you are to handle leads, the more you can grow.


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Our leadership team combines experience in entrepreneurship, sales, marketing, and technology to grow local businesses with proven strategies and essential tech.


Rhett Doolittle

Rhett brings a passion for small business and experience founding two previous startups that both reached Inc 500’s fastest growing companies in the US.


Jonathan Brooks

Jonathan leads sales, operations, and product strategy. He guides the launches of Business Warrior’s marketing technology to reach more local business owners.


Jeremy Keehn

Jeremy heads the development of Business Warrior’s marketing apps, and has a passion for solving problems through technology so you don’t have to.

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