The Top 3 Ways Google Ads Can Grow/Build Your Business

How Can Google Ads Help You Advance Your Business Goals
How Can Google Ads Help You Advance Your Business Goals

As a business owner, it’s important to know how Google Ads can help you advance your business goals. For one, Google Ads drive online, in-app, and over-the-phone sales in a way that other search engines have a hard time competing with. It does so much more than that, though. Today, Business Warrior is going to look at all of the ways Google Ads can help advance your business goals. 

Google Ads Drives Sales & Promotions 

This is the obvious one. When done right, Google Ads should drive your sales and promotions, as well as boost traffic. So, how do you do it right? Well, you need to know the basics. 

Google Ads (formerly known as Adwords) is a digital advertising software that allows you to advertise on Google’s search engine results page (SERP) whenever a user types in a search query (or keyword) that is relevant to the website’s business. You’ve likely experienced these ads before and scrolled past links marked with “AD” next to them. They look like this: 

For a successful Google Ad campaign and to have your ad show up consistently, you need to know a lot. You need to have your audience honed in, you need to have a good ad score, great landing pages, high conversion rates, low CPAs, a healthy budget to promote your ads, and a solid list of both good keywords and negative keywords. 

The basics of it is this: the better your ad is written for a specific keyword/keyphrase, and the better your landing page performs, the better you can expect your ad to do. However, if you don’t have the right budget to promote your ad, then it won’t be seen by a lot of customers. Google Ads is a competitive bidding platform — the more budget you put into an ad campaign, the more people will be able to see it and click on it. When done right, it is a huge money-maker! 

Building Brand Awareness

Google Ads help increase your brand awareness. 

Your brand is what makes you, you. It’s what separates you from your competition, from the average Joe’s, and the big-business Larry’s. It’s what makes you special, unique, and most importantly, identifiable. 

To build your brand, find a voice that represents you accurately, that’s true to your goals and who you want to be. Answer these questions to help give you a framework:

  • What are your values?
  • What do you represent?
  • How do you want to be viewed/talked about?

Creating a cohesive voice and identity for your company to use means that every communication across streams all come from the same voice. You are able to reinforce that brand identity rapidly. Soon the Brand will continue to promote itself, with customers vouching for your products and preaching your message.

Google Ads help you share all of that in one platform. Through video, shopping campaigns, service ads, and so much more, it gets words out there that you’re awesome. 

Influencing Consideration 

Both of those points lead into this final point: Google Ads influence customer consideration. Think about it this way: which would you be more likely to buy from: 

Ad from Company A: Emergency Plumbers Near You. 24/7 Service. Reliable. Fast. Friendly. 

Ad from Company B: Emergency Plumbers serving the Phoenix Valley since 1950. Our trained technicians work with your schedule and leave your home spotless. 24/7 service. Call today! 

You’d likely choose B, right? It’s because it includes all of these things: 

  • Brand personality
  • Expertise
  • Service area
  • Service listings

To break it down further, this ad does more than just list what they do. They make a promise to you that they’ll work with you and leave your house spotless. It’s much more trustworthy than saying “Reliable” and “Fast!” All of that will help influence customers to pick Company B over Company A. 

Does it make sense? 

It goes deeper than that. Company B has a stronger brand than Company A, thus it’s safe to make the assumption that Company B has been in the game for longer. They know what they’re doing with advertising, that means they’re business savvy enough to have an agency or they’re experienced enough to know how to market their brand. This is HUGE to customers — it shows a level of reliability and expertise that Ad A and Company A lacked. 

It’s something to consider when you’re writing your own ads! 

Final Thoughts 

So what are the top 3 ways Google Ads help you advance your business goals? It can:

  1. Drive sales and promotions
  2. Build brand awareness
  3. Influence customer consideration

Final question: should you utilize Google Ads to help promote your business? The answer: a resounding yes! Business Warrior can help you get started. Sign up for their free tool today to make sure your website is set up to support Google Ads. 

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