Advertising Ideas for Beauty Salons and Med Spas

advertising ideas for beauty salons
advertising ideas for beauty salons

In the world of beauty, there is one thing you have to master before you can succeed in digital advertising: showing, not telling. People want to see what you do or what your product can do for them — they do not want you to tell them about it. They want to see it in five-star reviews, customer relations, photos and videos, and with data. So if you’re looking for advertising ideas for beauty salons, medspas, and cosmetics, then keep this in mind! 

We at Business Warrior compiled a quick guide to help jumpstart your advertising and to promote your growth. Check them out below! 

Advertising Ideas for Beauty Salons

When it comes to beauty salons, your main money maker won’t be in your text, but in your photos and how you treat your customers. If you’re not doing any of these three advertising ideas for your beauty salon, give them a try! Bonus: they’re all free! 

Get Creative with Salon Promotions and Competitions

Not all promotions have to be done through paid avenues like Google or Facebook ads. People love free stuff, so take advantage of that and pay homage to all of your recurring clients by hosting a giveaway, competition, or promotion just for them! 

Hair salon specials are also a great place to start.

Salon Promotion Ideas:

  • Give away a free haircut for the client with the most referrals
  • Discounted rates for kids and teachers for a specific week (like back to school)
  • Discounted rates for veterans or active military personnel 
  • Boost client rewards points for shout-outs on social 
  • Monthly gift card raffle for everyone who signs up for your newsletter
  • Hold a randomized drawing for a gift set of products

Just remember that the more enticing the reward, the more likely you’ll have engagement from your clients.

Shoot Some Video!

We know we keep saying it, but pictures speak louder than words. So if pictures speak, then videos yell! Show your clients that you know exactly what you’re doing by posting simple tutorial and harcare videos that help promote your brand. Have your stylists show off their skills or just give them an overview of your exclusive products, and post all of these on your social media. 

It’s not just haircare, either! You can show off nail tips, how to get the perfectly rounded nail at home using products you sell, and what styles are in for prom, weddings, work, and casual nights out. 

Video Ideas For You to Try: 

  • A braiding or easy up-do class for at-home styling
  • Curl maintenance 
  • Difference between conditioned/non-conditioned hair 
  • How to detangle your kids’ hair 
  • A shaving and grooming tutorial for younger teenage boys
  • Nail health information
  • How to correctly use nail files
  • What nail polish colors are in that month
  • A review of nail polish

All of these will not only help promote your brand, they will also boost your credibility and trust! If your future clients see that you know what you’re doing, then they are more likely to visit your salon in the future!

Ask for Reviews

One of the best things you can do to boost your Google ranking and to get more customers is improve your review count. What’s more, according to Invesp, customers are willing to spend 31% more on a business with excellent reviews. So get the number of your 5-star reviews up! 

One of the challenges of getting reviews is, well, getting reviews. Have everyone in the salon on board with this and have them ask clients to leave a review if they’re happy with the job they did. While you can’t incentivize reviews, you can express how much it would help you and your salon if they left a good review. You may be surprised how many clients step up and help! 

The second hardest thing about reviews is managing them all. Reviews come in on many different platforms — Google, Yelp, Facebook, Bing, Yahoo, etc. Managing all of them and making sure your clients are happy can be tough! Business Warrior makes all of that easy. Our free tool compiles all of your recent reviews into one simple dashboard. You can even see which reviews you replied to! Sign up today for free to see how easy review management can be! 

Advertising Ideas for Med Spas

Med spas are a little different from beauty salons, though the core idea of it is still the same. Clients need to trust you before they will buy from you. They will need to see proof of your work, feel comfortable, and be confident in the results. Here’s how you can achieve all of that. 

Focus on Your Brand

Patients come to you to make physical changes, but they do so to improve their self image and confidence. They trust you with their emotional wellbeing, which is why your brand needs to be welcoming, comforting, empowering, and powerful. Your messages should never focus on the negative, but on the positive. Always make your clients — recurring, current, and future — feel beautiful and empowered in their own body. Be their professional friend who can deliver the best results, because that’s what they need you to be. 

On top of that, be honest and transparent with them. Do not overstate or understate anything, including the side-effects. Be honest and let them know exactly what to expect and they will thank you for it. We all know that things like microneedling can be scary, but the more prepared your client is, the happier they will be with the results. 

Thirdly, never use words like “guarantee.” Everyone’s body is different and will react differently to treatment. There is no guarantee they will love the results and no guarantee that it will do everything they hoped for. That’s okay! 

Finally, your brand should be conversational. It shouldn’t be “<Your Business Name here> loves the customer,” it should be “we love you.” On top of that, avoid medical jargon and clinical-descriptions that can off-put clients, especially in your forward-facing posts like in ads or social media. These often make people feel uncomfortable and can make your messaging feel sterile, so keep it warm, conversational, and simple. 

Update Your Website

Your website is your gateway for new digital customers. It should not only reflect your brand, but it should attract new customers and be easy to use. Remember that not everyone who visits your website is looking to buy from you. In fact, most of them will be doing research to find the best medspa in town! So make your website fitting for the best in town with these features: 

  • Simple navigation (don’t overdo it with a ton of service pages!)
  • Welcoming and positive attitude
  • Photos! Before and after photos sell what you do more than text ever will! 
  • Testimonials (video testimonials too so people can see the transformation!) 

Additionally, make sure your website loads quickly! If it takes longer than 3 seconds to load, you’re going to automatically lose a lot of prospective customers. You can identify issues that are slowing down your website using Business Warrior! Try it for free today! 

Email Marketing

There is a reason why email marketing has thrived while cold calling has barely just survived — because it works! Email marketing isn’t just about bringing in new customers, it’s about showing people that you’re better than your competition and you have exactly what they want: a knowledgeable, kind, and positive staff that is willing to help you. For those into digital marketing lingo, this is called lead nurturing! You’re nurturing prospective customers so they will be happy to book an appointment with you! 

All of your emails should come from you, and should include: 

  • An attention-grabbing subject line 
  • Concise body copy that delivers valuable information
  • Links to your website or blog
  • An strong call-to-action that tells the reader exactly what to do 

Unsure on where to start? We’ve got you covered. Try some of these ideas: 

  • Dry Skin? Have you considered a rejuvenating chemical peel? 
  • Say Goodbye to Racoon Eyes with Our Treatment
  • You deserve a facial
  • Top Skin Care Products of Oily Skin

You can also talk about wrinkles, weight-loss, and so much more. Remember, though, make it positive and never call out someone’s insecurities! 

That’s it! Try these tips and let us know how they work for you! 

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