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By Jonathan Brooks

Business Warrior Announces Completion of 3a10

Business Warrior Announces Completion Of Their 3a10

The company also announces three months of revenue growth from the Marketplace

October 21, 2020 – Business Warrior Corporation (OTC: BZWR), the source for small businesses in America to get more customers, announces the completion of their 3a10 and continued growth in their Marketplace. The company issued 5,650,035 shares of stock in a 3a10 transaction, which is now complete. Additionally, the company is seeing continued growth from their Marketplace services with three months in a row of increased revenue from that channel.


Completion of the 3a10

The company cleared $83,512 in debt through the process of the 3a10. The debt was from professional services that Business Warrior utilized in the early stages of the company. The remainder of the 40,000,000 shares that were previously reserved, will be released back to the Company and will not be issued. 


“The 3a10 was a useful mechanism to clean up our balance sheet. This was a small part of our long term  financing strategy. As always, we are focused on consistent revenue growth, a valuable product for our customers, and constantly adding new subscribers to the Business Warrior software. That should result in positive momentum for the BZWR share price” says Rhett Doolittle, Chairman and CEO of Business Warrior. 


Three Months of Revenue Growth From Marketplace Services

The company’s financial plans continue to build momentum as the Marketplace services produced three months in a row of revenue growth. Additionally, the Marketplace services have an average revenue per subscriber of $275 per month since the launch of the products in mid-July 2020, which is much higher than the $150 per subscriber the company originally projected when launching the Marketplace.  


“We remain extremely diligent on delivering products that are scalable to the business and valuable to the small business community. We are making inroads to a market that is mostly ignored. This market of business owners with a marketing budget of less than $500 per month deserves a better way to get more customers, and that’s Business Warrior,” states Doolittle.


About Business Warrior

Business Warrior is the source for small businesses in America to enhance their brand and boost marketing results. The Business Warrior software takes a holistic view of a business’s online reputation, listings, website search results and social media. Predictive algorithms are utilized to recommend the most imperative actions needed to drive new customers, positively impact daily operations and improve profitability. For more information, please visit


Investor Relations:

(855) 884-5805

By Jonathan Brooks

The 2017 Blueprint of Successful Business Owners

The 2017 Blueprint of Successful Business Owners

Many entrepreneurs are experts in their craft. Whether it be mastering the perfect steak as a restaurant owner or opening the hottest wine bar in Chicago, all business owners are specialists in their designated areas. It takes 10,000 hours of practice to master a skill, but only 1 hour of entrepreneurship to know that you need a lot more than just your expertise to run and grow a business.

“You are not your resume, you are your work.”- Seth Godin, Author

When I became a business owner I thought the hours of skills I had required as a marketing executive at a Fortune 500 company, would give me enough experience to run a marketing agency. The irony that hit me was one simple truth: the minute you transition from being a skilled job performer to an owner, you spend little time on the skill that you became an expert in.

A minority of business owners are actually able to build their business into what they had originally envisioned. This causes very few businesses to survive past their first few years. Having a great product or service is vital, but you also need to be able to market that product or service while simultaneously running your business. The Bureau of Labor Statistics discovered that, “two-thirds of start up businesses will survive for 2 years, half of all businesses will survive 5 years, and only one-third survives for 10 years.” (Fundera)

When you become a business owner, your brain shifts. You find yourself spending more time focusing on how to build your company than on the skills that got you there. One book I suggest every business owner read is E-Myth by Michael Gerber. In this book, there is a story of a bakery owner who becomes disgruntled with her business. She opens a bakery because of her love for cooking, but reaches a point of resentment when her business becomes a pain rather than a passion. Many business owners experience this when they transition from being an expert in their skill to operating a business.

There are thousands of business owners that make this same mistake, but this can be avoided if they take the time to learn from others. We want to make the transition from skilled worker to business owner easier and give everyone the chance to succeed.

To do this, we’ve whittled down the hundreds of things business owners are masters at into The 5 Basic Skills of Business Ownership Success:


  1.    Ability to Prioritize – not only demanding priorities for yourself, but your whole team. This will take “pig-headed” practice and determination.

Expert Tip: Spend Sunday evening getting your personal priorities in check, ranking them from level of effort and impact. The sweet spot should be high impact with medium effort. Then, share your priorities with your team on Monday morning. As you share, begin to request similar priority lists from your team and do a mid-morning huddle in the beginning of the week to get in order!

  1.     Financial Acumen – running the financial books, payroll, tax implications; knowing your numbers, it all starts with your financials. The most important aspect of being a business owner is balancing revenue, expenses and cash flow!

Expert Tip: Devout a special day, such as Financial Friday, to keep up to date on your balance sheet so that you don’t delay it and get overwhelmed or prioritize it for a burning business issue.

  1.   Magnified Customer Service – always look for ways to improve the customer experience and process. As an owner, spending at minimum an hour per week with your front line teams is imperative to having your pulse on customer experience. Especially if any processes are getting in the way of delivering your business promise to customers. There is no better time an owner can spend then with their people.

Expert Tip: Institute a monthly operations meeting with your top leaders to address processes that are limiting customer experience. Write them down as a team and prioritize based on level of effort and impact.

  1.    Crystal Clear Communication – both your team and customers will hinge on your every word, so make them count. Communicate with a purpose and lead with the “why”. Every great coach, hero, and leader provides context to their communication. Explaining the “why” will lead to more motivated employees and create the buy-in you desperately need to keep focused on the business.

Expert Tip: Before communicating with employees and/or customers ask yourself – what is the goal of the communication and the “so-what”; so-what’s are a good barometer if your communication is worthwhile.

  1.     Technology – no business today can exist without technology. Whether it’s Marketing Automation, CRM systems, Google Analytics, point of sale systems, customer reporting or inventory management – technology is a necessity. Navigating your way through tools, services, and their associated expenses is somewhat of a minefield for today’s business owner. Researching these technologies adds additional opportunity cost as you must devote time and energy into finding the right solutions to save yourself time and resources!

Expert Tip: Spend 1 hour per week on technology and tools will keep the ever evolving landscape of choices under control. I recommend a “start, stop, continue” method where you look at your current technologies and ask those three questions – what technologies do you need to start using, which ones do you stop using, and which ones do you continue? This method keeps you from always changing to the latest and greatest new tool and focuses on the tools that impact your business the most.

It takes more than just a few steps to grow your business, it’s a lifestyle change. Success doesn’t come easy.

“Timing, perseverance, and ten years of trying will eventually make you look like an overnight success.”- Biz Stone, Twitter co-founder

I realized very quickly that running and growing the business is as important (if not more important) than having a great product or service. “In 2016, 28.8 million small businesses, accounted for 99.7% of US businesses.” (SBA Gov 2016) meaning that in order to succeed, business owners must thrive in their skills or they will fail.

I’d encourage you to build your business around the 5 basic skills of a business owner and continue to pursue your passions. Running a business is an ever evolving process, but the one thing that needs to remain constant is your passion.


By Jonathan Brooks

Bluume Brings Award Winning Technology to the Phoenix Small Business Expo

Phoenix, AZ – August 1, 2017 – Bluume, a national marketing and technology company based in Arizona, announces that they will exhibit their award winning technology at the PHOENIX SMALL BUSINESS EXPO®, August 31, 2017. The expo will take place at the Phoenix Convention Center. For more information, and free registration, visit the Phoenix registration page.

Bluume is proud to be a Silver Sponsor for this event where start-ups and business owners can take advantage of free admission and educational workshops covering online/social media marketing, employee benefit plans, credit and financing, strategies for increasing revenue and team productivity, mentoring, cloud technologies, retirement plans, and more.

“Bluume believes in the entrepreneurial spirit, as it’s our core focus to help small business owners. The PHOENIX SMALL BUSINESS EXPO and Bluume are dedicated to serving the small business market with our cutting edge world class marketing and real-time marketing software.” states CEO, Rhett Doolittle.

Bluume’s software offering (BrandIQ) recently won the Technology Innovation Award for Best Social Media Integration and the Best Overall Technology Innovation Showcase Award at this year’s TRANSACT conference.

PHOENIX SMALL BUSINESS EXPO will take place at the Phoenix Convention Center | South Hall F – 100 N 3rd Street, Phoenix, AZ 85004 from 9:00 am until 5:00pm.

Bluume will be located at Exhibitor Booth # 412 where business owners will experience the award winning technology as they see in real-time how their business is performing online.

For media inquiries, or complimentary press passes please contact:
Alyse Abbe, 212-651-0679,

About Bluume
Bluume transforms businesses into revenue generating machines. We help business owners attract new customers, build them into raving fans and produce massive growth. For more information, visit or call telephone number (800) 683 2588

About Small Business Expo
SMALL BUSINESS EXPO® is the nation’s largest small business networking and learning event, and an Inc. 5000 company. Every year, over 100,000 small business professionals and entrepreneurs across the country attend the SMALL BUSINESS EXPO in 18 MAJOR US Markets to take their business to the next level. The show’s owner, Film, Stage & ShowBiz Expo LLC. was founded in 2008 by Zachary Lezberg. The company’s headquarters are located at 555 8th AVE Suite 909 New York, NY 10018. For more information, visit, call (212) 404-2345, or email: . For additional information, follow and connect on our social networks:


By Jonathan Brooks

7 Lessons After 1 Month of Startup Life After Leaving Corporate America 

7 Lessons After 1 Month of Startup Life After Leaving Corporate America 

Startup life is hard and magnificent at the same time after leaving corporate America.

Let me repeat, it is HARD and MAGNIFICENT!

And while the quintessential saying of, “if it were easy, everyone would do it” applies, after my first month in startup life there’s some lessons I’m hoping to share with the interested few who are teetering between the though of leaving corporate America and staring entrepreneurial life.

Lesson 1: No Matter What Expertise Level you Have, You are Only 50% Prepared

Insurance, computers, moving furniture, learning about payroll, negotiating cell phone bills, moving more furniture…these are all components that happen in addition to your “day job.”

I was amazed by the number of shared responsibilities that I took for granted with corporate America. Were any of these activities impossible to complete, or my background not full enough to make them happen? No, but it took some guess work and a different side of my brain than the 10 years of marketing had chiseled.

If you have ever felt unprepared for a big meeting or presentation and that pit in your stomach pops in, that’s the feeling of lesson 1. However, the good news is that you are smart enough to make the decisions; if you have a great team surrounding as I do, your best guesses are backed by their history and expertise.

Lesson 2: Being Spread Thin is an Understatement

In startup life, all team members share more burdens: that’s just a fact of the fun. There is rarely a specialist in a startup, yet there is a plethora of “I-know-enough-specialists.”

These are the team members who willingly dive into expanses beyond their roles.

Sales leaders working with the inbound phone company, Marketing Managers in-tune with the financial impacts of each tool, Marketing Specialists who can interchangeably shift into a “sales” mentality, all so that the business keeps moving forward. Everyone in a startup bears heavy shoulders. As a leader, it is 100% crucial that you constantly calibrate priorities. No matter how busy you find yourself, always make sure the team understands priorities and ensure that their work flows into them with precision.

Lesson 3: Be the First to Arrive and the Last to Leave Because People Rely on You

When you have compounding responsibilities, days could get long. And for those I know in startup lifestyles similar to mine, we all rally around the fact that we are constantly working. The business is on your mind from the minute you get up to when you fall back asleep. Your “To-Do” list seems to grow no matter how many hours you put in.

Please note – this is coming from a preacher and practitioner of priorities and working smarter not harder.

Despite this, I find myself enjoying the multiplying stacks of tasks. Why? My team relies on me, our clients rely on me and my partner relies on me. There isn’t another option out there – just do the work!  You may challenge this idea which I welcome, however I haven’t found a better practice than to just get it done.

Lesson 4: Keep it Simple

When you are constantly divided amongst responsibilities of being a business owner, an expert, a leader, the fact is that keeping business simple is challenging.

You strive to stay above the specific details of the task because your team is accountable for being experts. This is where the truth comes in hard and heavy.  Undeniably, you will always want to help and support your team. That means at times, you must dig into the details of the work…and it’s tempting to get muddled into the complexity of the everyday problem.

After all, if you have been a people leader before you know the old adage of “teach a person to fish” pays off time and time again vs. dictating the step by step instructions.

However, you never want your team to struggle with a problem you have had in the past. The temptation to dance in the details is high. You must fight this temptation and challenge to keep the problem and the solution simple. That does not mean that you sacrifice the correct solution for the sake of simplicity; it means that you must always be clear that no matter how complex the problem or solution, it’s upon you as the entrepreneurial leader to relay how you translate simplicity.

I personally must take a deep breath and imagine if I were to share this problem and solution to a 7th grader, would they be clear? Ask yourself this question the next time a complex problem is solved – are you able to summarize it simply?

Lesson 5: You are the Leader, the Worker, the Assistant, the IT Guy, the Janitor

To my corporate friends out there who may be reading this: find comfort in the chair you sit in, the cubical or walls around you, the phone system that works and the device you are reading this on. You may be slightly distracted by this article, yet when you are done you go back to your expert position.

In your position, you have resources to help you complete various tasks assigned by your boss. In a startup, there isn’t anyone else to do your job… which is freeing and terrifying at the same time.

You must be close to surgical accuracy with how you balance your role with the needs of the business. Daily, I spend three, 30-minute sessions with myself and team to prioritize. This sometimes means that your role shifts from establishing a clear vision for the next year to cleaning up the conference room, all in span of one hour. It takes a particular type of person, one who is more than just an adequate entrepreneur or an ADD-ridden boss, to give their absolute focus every hour of every day.


Lesson 6: Customers are the Only Reason you are Here – Don’t Forget it!

Businesses exist because there is a job to be done and someone is willing to pay for that job. I heard this theory a year ago in one of my leadership training programs. I will do little justice to explain the full meaning, but the short version is that you must always put yourself in the customer’s mind when manufacturing output.

Many companies make the mistake of not following this theory and their products are awful. In a startup, you must strive for excellence in execution with every customer – they are why you have your business in the first place.

Regardless of the situation or customer complaint, take a breath and put yourself in their shoes – are you addressing the job they are paying you for? If the answer is no, you better or you’ll be back reporting to a boss.

Lesson 7: Everyday is Amazingly Wonderful…For Real

This isn’t an eyes-half-open statement. Being appreciative of the experiences at Bluume took me years of searching for my own value. No matter the challenges, the grind, the constant trade-offs, this journey is unbelievably perfect.

This world isn’t for everyone. So before you take your jump into startup life, take these lessons with careful study. My blessings come from a concrete career where I learned much of my life today, from my team who is just as insane as me, from challenging myself to always work hard and never give up.

By Jonathan Brooks

5 Rules to Following Your Dream: A Leap to Entrepreneurship from a Millennial

A Millennial Turned Entrepreneur Who Put The Work Into Following A Dream

What does it mean to have faith? Not the “self-help, send me money and you’ll have faith,” kind of faith… real, genuine faith in yourself as a millennial.

The kind that has you feeling confident and bullish; highly energetic and focused; aware of purpose and the ability to achieve it.

This is the type of faith it takes to be true to yourself, true to your business, true to your life. I’ve been in Corporate America for a decade and I just put faith in charge of my life to follow my dreams and become an Entrepreneur.

Like any good story, there is a beginning with a tethered dream. A dream that at its core was helping others every day. A dream to create true value. A dream to be an Entrepreneur.

Growing up in the Midwest, you have ideals to achieve: go to college, get a job. Work hard, get promoted. Get promoted and learn the difference between managing and leading people. Then life happens. You move, get more promotions, find a few friends, lose a few friends and ask yourself what you REALLY WANT TO DO.

After two years of taking this question seriously  and exploring through great mentors, the feeling was undeniable, pungently strong and left  only one door to open ? FOLLOW MY DREAM.

The funny thing about achieving your dream is that it’s impossibly challenging, especially in my millennial generation, as we all want to find the “job of our dreams,” yet few accept the degree of difficulty to fulfill it. I selfishly put the hard work in and couldn’t be happier!

It didn’t come without its losses, especially from those in my former career that have been instrumental in shaping me to the LEADER that I am today. However, the best journeys are filled with wins to heartbreaks, and with one constant theme: we fall to learn how to pick ourselves up. I cannot wait to share more of this leap of faith with all those wanting to the same decision!

I’ll be sharing more of my journey in Entrepreneurial life at Bluume, but will leave you with the rules I’ve learned to following your dreams (thanks to my many mentors for these!).


  1. Find a passion that even after the “honeymoon phase” you still jump out of bed to go to!

  2. Find a teacher who believes in you, with at least 5 more years of experience in the field that you are entering.

  3. Find a team that shares similar dreams, but isn’t a replicant of you.

  4. Find a business that creates value and solves a problem. When you start a business with the intent to help others, money does follow.

  5. Find ongoing education for the field that you are entering and devout real time to learn!

It is focusing on these 5 rules that I found courage in taking my leap of faith into the world of entrepreneurship. And it has been this faith that keeps me jumping out of the bed every morning, thinking of how to perform my best and give all-in support to the business.

Until next time,


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