Business Warrior Adds Over 500 New Paid Users

Business Warrior Adds Over 500 New Paid Users

Early results prove to be outstanding from Business Warrior’s software upgrade in January

January 21, 2021 – Business Warrior Corporation (OTC: BZWR), the source for small businesses in America to get more customers, released an update to their software in January and early results are outstanding. Engagement from new and returning users is up, the company’s overall Cost Per Lead decreased by 55%, and they’ve added over 500 new paid subscribers.

While the Business Warrior product team upgraded the user interface, improved the backend infrastructure and added a new paid plan (Scout), the operations team was hard at work simultaneously. The company attributes their recent success equally to the product improvements as well as an increase in product demonstrations, sales meetings, expanding the team and new partnerships.

“My vision for Business Warrior has always been to solve major problems holding small businesses back from succeeding, and that begins with identifying the issues for each business. The Business Warrior software is the best solution on the market to do this now, and our results are beginning to reflect it,” says CEO of Business Warrior, Rhett Doolittle.

User Engagement Improves

A general Key Performance Indicator (KPI) of any software solution is to measure the engagement of its users with the software platform. How long are people staying on the platform? How many times do they re-login? The more a user is engaged, the higher the likelihood that they will upgrade to a paid package because they’re seeing value. It’s not always that linear, but generally it’s a good rule of thumb. These KPI’s are great to track when measuring the success of a major software update as Business Warrior just initiated.

From the time that Business Warrior made this upgrade, engagement is up across the board. The average number of times people login to the platform has doubled, which means people are coming back after their first interaction with the platform. The first impression from new users has improved as new users are spending more than 3 minutes longer on the platform than before the upgrade. It’s been less than 4 weeks since the upgrade, so the company is still compiling the results, but the early statistics look strong.

Business Warrior upgraded all users in January 2021

Cost Per Lead Cut in Half

Engagement was not the only aspect with a major improvement, as the Business Warrior team also cut their Cost Per Lead (CPL) in half. In the last half of 2020, the company was averaging about $20 per new lead or free subscriber. Since the launch of the new platform, their cost per lead is less than $9. Assuming they’ll be able to keep their CPL this low, this could have a huge impact on their bottom line.

Over 500 New Paid Subscribers

The other major upgrade Business Warrior made in January was adding a low-cost solution (Scout) to help small businesses fix the problems that the software identifies for them. In less than 4 weeks since Scout was added to their set of solutions, they’ve added over 500 new paid subscribers. This boost in paid users comes from their direct advertising campaigns, referrals and partners.

“Our upgraded software shows a business owner, in a much clearer way, what works and what doesn’t in getting customers. The success of this launch shows we are solving a real problem for small businesses” says Jonathan Brooks, President of Business Warrior.

Business Warrior made a major upgrade to their platform and the early results are lead cost is down dramatically, user engagement is significantly improved, and now they’re proving that they can get paid accounts. 2021 and beyond is looking extremely bright for BZWR.

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