Business Warrior Announces Six Months Straight of Subscriber Growth

Business Warrior Announces Six Months Straight of Subscriber Growth

The company proves their ability to convert free subscribers into paid monthly recurring plans

October 13, 2020 – Business Warrior Corporation (OTC: BZWR), the source for small businesses in America to get more customers, announces six months in a row of subscriber growth (March thru September). The rate at which new businesses have subscribed to the platform has increased by 300% per month since March, which shifted when the company made enhancements to their platform to help small businesses during COVID. Additionally, the company added a new suite of solutions to their software platform in July when they launched their Marketplace. Revenues generated from the Marketplace have increased consistently since July and this continues to be a major growth channel for the company.

Consistent growth in subscriber base combined with continuous monthly revenue growth from their marketplace products sets them up for long term success. Business Warrior is able to take a free subscriber on their software and upgrade them into paid products. These positive results indicate that the company is able to execute on their fundamentals, while they continue to scale operations and grow revenues.

Marketing Solution Excels with Video Advertising

The company’s best performing solution in the Marketplace is their Marketing Plus package. This is a low cost entry level marketing solution that is priced for small businesses. For just $249 per month, businesses are able to get short professionally produced videos for advertising. Custom video advertisements are typically unaffordable to small businesses, yet Business Warrior continues to bring solutions to the small business community that were previously only available to large corporations with large budgets.

The company has been in beta testing with the video advertising feature since August and is now deploying the service to all subscribers who upgrade to either Marketing Plus or the Warrior Pro plan. The videos are built to deliver brand awareness, drive new leads, and boost sales conversions for the subscriber.   

“Small Businesses need a complete arsenal of tools available to compete in today’s marketplace. Videos are becoming table stakes for local businesses to showcase their services and talents. Our affordable pricing combined with video advertising, presents one of the most valuable ways a small business can improve their toolset to get more customers” says Jonathan Brooks, President of Business Warrior.

In addition to their organic subscriber and marketplace growth, Business Warrior is expanding their reach with these new partnerships:

  • LashAnarchistwhich has a large and loyal social media presence, Business Warrior is offering it’s plans to support lash business owners and salons. This partnership is one of many for Business Warrior which is concentrating on niche high growth industries for its sales channels.
  • OTC PR Wire – in which Business Warrior offers marketing and website services supporting public companies. The partnership leverages Business Warrior’s technology and resources.

About Business Warrior

Business Warrior is the source for small businesses in America to enhance their brand and boost marketing results. The Business Warrior software takes a holistic view of a business’s online reputation, listings, website search results and social media. Predictive algorithms are utilized to recommend the most imperative actions needed to drive new customers, positively impact daily operations and improve profitability. For more information, please visit

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