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Fight for growth.

Bluume’s Business Warrior consolidates complex growth factors into a simple score that represents business success.

Business Warrior analyzes the internet & evaluates the impact of improving your reputation, listings, website/search, and social media.

Transform your reputation into revenue

Turn your review data into actionable recommendations that increase review volume and higher star ratings.

  • Discover how customers perceive your business online
  • Stimulate review volume
  • Understand how to respond to reviews in any given situation

Help customers find your business

Ensure that your business listings are up-to-date across 12+ of the world’s most popular listings sites.

  • No more checking individual sites over and over for accurate listings
  • Identify the listings providers that are impacting your business
  • Make it easier for tourists and locals to find your business

Outperform your competition

Optimize your website and climb up in search results.

  • Track and optimize your mobile and desktop website speed
  • Ensure your webpage is at the top of search results
  • Find and fix key errors in your website’s back-end that hinder SEO

Business Warrior fights
for your business.

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