Business Warrior Goes Public

Leader in Small Business Software Now Publicly Traded Under Ticker Symbol KDNG

TEMPE, AZ – Feb. 12, 2020 – Business Warrior goes public (OTC: KDNG) by announcing today that it has completed a reverse merger and is now a publicly traded company under the ticker symbol KDNG. All the filings have been brought up to date on This brings Business Warrior, formerly known as Bluume, one step closer to being the most trusted small business software in the United States.

Business Warrior has achieved substantial market momentum and is on pace to grow 500% this year. They completed their first round of raising capital of $1 million through private investment. Now they’re closing on a large round of capital, which will be used to launch major advertising campaigns, scale operations, expand the software development team and make key acquisitions. Under new corporate structure, Business Warrior retains control of the company through newly issued preferred shares. 

Business Warrior selected this route of financing the company for growth as opposed to other private equity opportunities presented to them. “This was the best way for us to scale quickly while maintaining full control of our software development. It’s essential that our software solution stays unbiased so that we continue to make the best possible recommendations to our small business clients to improve and grow their businesses,” said Business Warrior CEO Rhett Doolittle.

The Business Warrior platform makes recommendations to small businesses on the tasks they should accomplish in order to improve and grow. One feature that sets Business Warrior apart is showing each subscriber their business’s “ad readiness,” which tells them if they have major tasks to accomplish before launching marketing campaigns to maximize their ad spend. The recommendations get the business ready to grow or boosts growth, depending on the stage of the business. This solves a real problem for small businesses.

“With this public offering, we’re betting on ourselves to solve a real problem for small businesses,” said Doolittle. “We spent over five years testing every major software solution for small businesses in order to understand the struggles they go through regarding marketing and technology. There is a gap between the problem preventing small businesses from growing and the software solutions available today. Our solution is different than anything else on the market.”

Up to this point, Business Warrior has been self-funded and raised capital from friends and family. They found that taking the private equity route meant a potential loss of control and a delay in the time-to-market with their software. By now becoming a public company, they’re able to finance their growth plans while maintaining full control of their software, as well as their management team.

Business Warrior is Doolittle’s third startup, having achieved two successful exits prior to launching the company as Bluume in 2014. His first company, Entrust Bankcard, grew 8,417% in three years, earning a #18 position on Inc. Magazine’s list of the 500 fastest-growing companies in the U.S. He’s more passionate than ever and has a plan to scale Business Warrior faster than his previous record-setting pace. “From the beginning, our team has always shared a passion for the small business community and developing solutions that help them achieve more success.” Doolittle explained.

About Business Warrior

Business Warrior software helps small businesses simplify and prioritize daily decisions to improve profitability. Business Warrior takes an organic view of each business’s online reputation, listings, website, search results, and advertising. Then the software recommends the imperative actions to drive new customers and improve profitability. information will be updated in the coming weeks. For more information, please visit



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