Leader in Small Business Software Announces New Technology and Sales Partners

Leader in Small Business Software Announces New Technology and Sales Partners

Leader in small business software, Business Warrior (OTC: KDNG), today announced that it has completed a series of new partnerships with two fast-growing companies supporting the small business community. These new partnerships align with the customer and technology growth strategy set forth within Business Warrior’s recent public offering.

The first partnership is with Hownd, an Arizona-based technology company that specializes in creating effortless foot traffic for local businesses, especially those in the family entertainment, health & beauty, and food & beverage markets. During the initial stages of the partnership, the companies will link their systems to provide business owners with new visibility into real-world marketing results through Business Warrior’s software.

“The Hownd foot-traffic generation platform is a perfect complement to Business Warrior,” said Jonathan Brooks, President of Business Warrior. “Integrating with Hownd will provide our customers with new visibility into the actual visits and revenue generated by Hownd, helping guide their daily decisions to maximize growth.”

The second partnership expands sales and distribution with Fortune Processing, a merchant services company based in Atlanta. In the partnership, Business Warrior will be provided as a competitive value add to Fortune’s merchant services solutions, giving Fortune’s merchants actionable data to grow their business. Fortune Processing creates a unique value proposition for their merchants by implementing tools and strategies to help grow their digital footprint to drive more sales from the internet. The company’s philosophy is to assist their merchants by enhancing their overall online presence via website, SEO and marketing partnerships, resulting in more sales, happier customers and a long-term partnership between Fortune Processing and their merchants.

“The partnership will bring significant opportunities to our merchants as an extra source of revenue and lead generation. Business Warrior can provide our merchants a tool to help introduce their business to millions virtually,” said Bradley White with Fortune Processing

The two partnerships are valuable additions to Business Warrior’s growth plan. The feature that in particular sets Business Warrior apart is showing each subscriber their company’s “ad readiness,” which tells them if they have major tasks to accomplish before launching marketing campaigns to maximize their ad spend. The recommendations get the business ready to grow or boost growth, depending on the stage of the business. With the Hownd foot-traffic generation platform and Fortune Processing’s focus on customer loyalty, these partnerships continue the “win-win” mentality set out by the leadership team at Business Warrior.

About Hownd
Hownd is an Effortless Foot Traffic™ generation platform for local business owners. Hownd drives more repeat visits from merchants’ existing customer base, as well as bringing new customers by connecting merchants with the more than 40 million consumers Hownd serves. By pairing merchants with the right customer, at the right place and at the right time, Hownd drives consistent foot traffic through the door. There are no monthly fees, no contracts and zero risk. Simply pay a flat predetermined fee when a customer comes in buying. Pay only for results, the way it should be. Learn more at Hownd.com.

About Business Warrior
Business Warrior software helps small businesses simplify and prioritize daily decisions to improve profitability. Business Warrior takes an organic view of each business’s online reputation, listings, website, search results, and advertising. Then the software recommends the imperative actions to drive new customers and improve profitability. For more information, please visit businesswarrior.com.

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