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Did you know that one in four small businesses don’t have a website? That means one in four business owners are missing out on countless potential customers, are being overshadowed by their competitors online, and don’t have the foundation set up to run digital advertising campaigns. 

We get it — a website might be low on your list of priorities right now. It can be a huge expense of both time and money for small business owners and it can be hard to justify that expense. Unfortunately though, a free Facebook page or Yelp listing can only take your business so far on their own. 

We know better than anyone that creating and managing a website is a daunting task. That’s why we partnered with DeskTeam360 to bring small businesses everywhere an affordable, fast, and simple way to put your business online. They do the hard work so you can enjoy the result. Here is everything a website made by DeskTeam360 can do for you. 

Jumpstart Your Digital Marketing

Your marketing efforts begin and end with your website. You simply cannot run online ads if you don’t have anywhere to lead customers to. A Facebook page allows you to use Facebook advertising, but you’re missing out on countless customers from Google and other marketing opportunities, such as email marketing, LinkedIn, and organic efforts through SEO (search engine optimization). 

A website should be the first thing you create if you want to make the switch from traditional advertising (newspaper, fliers, radio, etc.) to digital. Here are a few ways you can use your website as an anchor for all of your advertising efforts.

Take Control Over Your Digital Brand

Your brand is everything. It’s your front-facing image that makes you immediately recognizable to customers. It’s your colors, your font, your logo, your voice. In short, your brand is what makes you, you. Your website is your limitless place to own that. 

Instead of relying on someone else to tell people about your business, you get to frame the narrative and build a successful brand yourself on your website. A strong brand is the unspoken key to getting new customers. This is so important that we’ll say it again: a strong brand brings in customers, period. 

A Website Puts Everything in One Place

Platforms like Facebook and Yelp are good places to start, but they offer very limited options for customization. You can list your hours, address, phone number, and reviews, but are otherwise stuck when it comes to sharing and pinning other relevant ideas. 

A website opens that door wide for you. Specials, deals, discounts, new items/arrivals, newsletters, blogs, about you — everything is right there for your audience to find easily. No endless scrolling needed! 

A Final Destination for Customers

Your website is the final destination for every single one of your customers. It’s where ads take them, where they look for hours and reviews, and where they browse and buy your products/services. It eliminates all of the work required to research your business.

For example, say you have a Facebook page for your business. A prospective customer would need to scroll your feed, find reviews on Facebook and Yelp, and navigate through Facebook to try and find the specific product or service they’re looking for. It’s not ideal and will likely lose you that customer. 

When you have a website, all of that is eliminated. Everything they need will be easy to find and in one space. 

Websites Work for Every Industry

A website is your personal booking assistant, your shop catalog, your portfolio, and so much more. It can be anything you need it to be and everything your customers want it to be. 

Ecommerce Stores

If your business has an ecommerce component (meaning you sell your products online), customers should be able to visit your website and directly make purchases. Ecommerce-specific websites make this extremely simple. 

Popular features of an ecommerce site can include — but is not limited to — all of the following elements: 

  • Payment processing
  • Inventory management
  • Shipping solution
  • Site security (SSL certificate)
  • Search feature
  • Coupon tools
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Customer reviews

Online Booking 

You’re likely familiar with this setup. You go online and book a reservation on the website. You too can do this! 

For example, a spa could create an online booking calendar, a restaurant can allow customers to reserve time slots, customers could schedule a time for a local plumber to visit, and so much more. The name of the game today is convenience. 

Gaining a Following

A website helps you not just by making sales. It can help you and your business gain a dedicated community base and convert potential customers into regulars. This is often done through opt-in email campaigns. Customers sign up (usually with a promise of a discount), and receive weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly emails from you! These emails can be anything, but are most commonly specials, discounts, newsletters, or informational messages. 


Many customers want to gather as much information about a business as they can before they buy. You can use your website to help customers get the information they need by adding a portfolio to your site that includes case studies, testimonials, and photos of your past projects.

For example, a construction company could use a website to include some video walkthroughs of before-and-after shots of one of their large or extensive projects. A web developer may showcase a website they’ve created. A salon will share their nail art and hair expertise. It’s all about showing that you can do what you claim and that you can do it well. 

Ready to Make Your Website? 

If you’re ready to take the leap, we can help. Get an exclusive deal with Deskteam360 to get a custom website for less. 

With over 15 years of website experience and over 3,000 websites created, it’s clear to see why we trust them to develop and launch your site.  Not only is it affordable, but launching your website with DeskTeam360 takes just 4 steps: 

1. Book a discovery call 

2. Pick a website package

3. DeskTeam360 develops your website

4. Launch your website to the world!

Book your discovery call with them today to start your journey to digital growth!

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