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Business Warrior Announces Completion Of Their 3a10

The company also announces three months of revenue growth from the Marketplace

October 21, 2020 – Business Warrior Corporation (OTC: BZWR), the source for small businesses in America to get more customers, announces the completion of their 3a10 and continued growth in their Marketplace. The company issued 5,650,035 shares of stock in a 3a10 transaction, which is now complete. Additionally, the company is seeing continued growth from their Marketplace services with three months in a row of increased revenue from that channel.


Completion of the 3a10

The company cleared $83,512 in debt through the process of the 3a10. The debt was from professional services that Business Warrior utilized in the early stages of the company. The remainder of the 40,000,000 shares that were previously reserved, will be released back to the Company and will not be issued. 


“The 3a10 was a useful mechanism to clean up our balance sheet. This was a small part of our long term  financing strategy. As always, we are focused on consistent revenue growth, a valuable product for our customers, and constantly adding new subscribers to the Business Warrior software. That should result in positive momentum for the BZWR share price” says Rhett Doolittle, Chairman and CEO of Business Warrior. 


Three Months of Revenue Growth From Marketplace Services

The company’s financial plans continue to build momentum as the Marketplace services produced three months in a row of revenue growth. Additionally, the Marketplace services have an average revenue per subscriber of $275 per month since the launch of the products in mid-July 2020, which is much higher than the $150 per subscriber the company originally projected when launching the Marketplace.  


“We remain extremely diligent on delivering products that are scalable to the business and valuable to the small business community. We are making inroads to a market that is mostly ignored. This market of business owners with a marketing budget of less than $500 per month deserves a better way to get more customers, and that’s Business Warrior,” states Doolittle.


About Business Warrior

Business Warrior is the source for small businesses in America to enhance their brand and boost marketing results. The Business Warrior software takes a holistic view of a business’s online reputation, listings, website search results and social media. Predictive algorithms are utilized to recommend the most imperative actions needed to drive new customers, positively impact daily operations and improve profitability. For more information, please visit


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