COVID-19 Small Business Preparation Guide

COVID-19 Small Business Preparation Guide

Business Warrior (OTC: KDNG) today announced during the continual COVID-19 updates, local business owners are searching for answers on how to react best to the possible reduction in customers.

Here are the top tips to combat COVID-19’s impacts to your business.

All Business Tips:

  1. Update all online listings with operational changes, hours, store closures, etc.
  2. Prepare to operate on minimal staffing levels, work from home if possible
  3. Minimize waste and cross utilize materials
  4. Overcommunicate. Post signs at storefront, use social media, and websites to update guests on any operational changes
  5. Go online or update your existing website so your customers can get information
  6. Utilize time, update processes and handbooks
  7. Layout in depth marketing plan to implement when virus is contained
  8. Reach out to customers, offer aid if possible
  9. Offer gift cards 


  1. Prepare to operate without a dining room
  2. Cross train team members to perform other job duties. (servers that can host, bartenders that can barback, etc.)
  3. Update menus (some ingredients may not be available)
  4. Utilize Grubhub, Ubereats, and Postmates to still drive sales
  5. Utilize online ordering and curbside services
  6. Utilize open tables email services 


  1. If the storefront is still open, update schedules to optimize hours and staffing, crosstrain employees, you may be dealing with a lot of last minute call outs
  2. Update website and utilize online sales, in-store pick up, and even curbside pick-up for online shopping
  3. Utilize delivery apps

Gym/Yoga Studios

  1. Maintain maximum level of cleanliness, and assure that hand sanitizer/wipes are readily available.
  2. Monitor the amount of people using the gym at any given time to help guests maintain the 1 meter rule
  3. If the gym must close, email in home workouts to keep guests engages 
  4. Utilize virtual meeting spaces to host group fitness classes while members are at home

Real Estate

  1. Live videos from your listings to combat the drop in foot traffic 
  2. Utilize virtual home tours and meeting spaces to stay connected


  1. Maid services can send clients tips on how to deep clean/ properly disinfect areas 
  2. Printing services can do curbside pick up for services from storefront 

We know this time is tough for local businesses so there are additional resources to consider

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