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Large Fondue Franchise has a 6% revenue increase in the first 3 months.

Key to Success

As the franchise marketing results have skyrocketed, operators of each location have been able to reduce 10% of their time each month on social media and reputation management, reallocating that time to revenue growth initiatives.

Here’s How They’re Using Bluume Business Warrior

They have utilized Business Warrior to its full potential. From a franchise model, there was a disconnect in why some stores performed better than others. Leveraging Business Warrior’s consolidated view of all locations, leadership was able to diagnose reputation trends in the bottom performers and put action plans into place to increase scores.

What were the results?

With the unified reporting tool, both Management and Operators are experiencing efficiencies in communication regarding reputation management strategies and ways to increase foot traffic, leveraging that platform. In 3 short months, the average rating increase a ½ star, leading to a 6% increase in revenue.

“Business Warrior allows us to have the ability to get all of our reporting information all on our own. Coming from our franchisees, we went from low national visibility on reputation to everyone being on the same playing field which really makes it easy and a one-stop shop for all to have,”

– Business Development VP of the Fondue Franchise

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