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October 22, 2020 – Being found online as a Service Area Business has a major effect on your ability to grow your business. But why is it so difficult? Google My Business defines a Service Area Business (SAB) as “a business that visits or delivers to customers directly, but doesn’t serve customers at its business address.” Without having a physical storefront for customers, SAB owners heavily rely on “word-of-mouth” marketing. Continue reading this blog to find out how SAB owners can turn their referral business into a customer-generating machine.

While having a strong referral business is a legitimate business model, there are always ways to earn more revenue. The most efficient way to help grow your “word-of-mouth” revenue is to build a strong digital presence.

In this blog, we are going to cover 4 easy ways for service area business owners to take control of their digital presence. Read more to learn how you can put your Service Area Business into overdrive!

Getting More Customers

When people think about local businesses, they typically think of the traditional “brick and mortar” styles of small business. Doing so leaves out the large number of small businesses that do not have a storefront. SAB owners must rely on their referral business to find new customers. By following the next 4 tips, you can strengthen your digital presence to support your referral business and get you even more customers. 

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It Starts with Your Website

The first way that SAB owners can get more customers is by improving their website. When customers visit your website, it should accurately represent your brand and the value your company provides. Here are a couple easy ways to improve your website and build trust with customers:

  • Update your website with relevant content
  • Keep accurate contact information and hours on your website
  • Install remarketing pixels on your website
  • Increase your web page loading speed
    • A faster web page leads to more sales
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Be Found on Google! 

Another action Service Area Business owners can take to get more customers is by accurately setting up your Google My Business account. Google My Business is a free tool for business owners to manage their online presence across all of Google’s platforms (Maps, Search, etc.). 

While most of the account management is fairly straightforward on Google My Business, there are some tricky areas that SAB owners must be aware of in order to be listed accurately. The most important piece of setting up your My Business account is entering your business location. It’s critical that you leave this blank. Instead, you will add your own service areas that are specific to the cities that you work in. 

By setting up your Google My Business account accurately, you will be able to help customers find your business and begin communicating the value of your business.

Reputation Matters

The next step that SAB owners must take to get more customers is staying on top of replying to customer reviews. Whether it is a negative or a positive review, it’s crucial that you respond to reviews. By doing so, your online reputation will improve and you will build trust with your customers. 

With service area businesses not having a physical storefront, customer reviews play an even bigger role when customers are looking to hire your services. Keep this form of communication open with customers and you will see higher rated reviews come in. 

Advertising Your Business 

Ultimately, the most effective way to get your business in front of customers is by launching ads. By completing the steps above, you will be able to launch your advertisements much more efficiently. The data tracking pixel on your website will collect valuable website traffic information that you will use to develop and launch your ads. By using the feedback, you receive from customer reviews, you will be able to learn more about who your audience really is and what value they are looking for. 

SAB owners have a unique challenge when it comes to listing and marketing their business online. It can be difficult for SAB owners to take the time to properly list and manage their digital profile, especially when time is as valuable as it is to small business owners. By completing the steps in this blog, customer referrals will practically generate themselves! Your network of customers will grow which will lead to more “word-of-mouth” referrals for your SAB. 

If this sounds like a lot of work, don’t stress. Let the experts at Business Warrior help. By signing up for your free account, you will receive step-by-step instructions on how to manage all of the actions explained in this blog. Also, you’ll receive a free 1-on-1 product demo to help you better understand the value of your Business Warrior account.

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