Three Things that Make a Great Homepage Design

great homepage design
great homepage design

Homepages are the gateway to your website. They’re the first impression that you need to nail if you’re going to make the sale. A great homepage design not only concerts more customers, it builds credibility, trust, and helps with your SEO (search engine optimization) and Google ranking. Today, we at Business Warrior explain what makes a great homepage. 

A Great Homepage Design Loads Quickly 

If page speed wasn’t the first thing you thought of when you thought of great homepage designs, we don’t blame you. It’s often overlooked until you realize that it takes 10 seconds for your website to load. This is a problem! A fast-user experience is a must

A fast website will result in better user experience, better SEO, and higher rankings on Google. It just makes sense too — are you going to stay on a page and wait for it to load or will you move on to find a more reliable company? Chances are, you’re going to move on. Google treats your website the same — if it takes too long for it to scan your website, then it will rank you lower! 

So what’s a good load time? Your goal should be for your website and homepage to load in 3 seconds or less. The 2-to-3 second mark is the turning point where bounce rates (people leaving your page without interacting with it) skyrocket – in fact, 40% of consumers will wait no more than three seconds before abandoning a site. For example, pages that load within two seconds have an average bounce rate of 9%, while pages that load in five seconds see their bounce rates skyrocket to 38%.

You can check your loading speed and improve it with Business Warrior. Our free tool checks your desktop and mobile sites’ load speeds and gives you action plans to fix any issues that are slowing it down. Sign up today, for free

Strong Calls to Action

If a user doesn’t know what to do on your website, then they will likely leave. It is rare for a customer to navigate through a website to find their desired page unless it is easy for them to find. That’s where good menu navigation and strong calls to action (CTAs) come in — both of them will tell your audience exactly what to do and when to do it, but only CTAs tell them to sign up or buy now! 

Writing a strong CTA is fairly easy as well. Here are our tips: 

  1. Start strong and be authoritative. Use action verbs that direct people, like “shop,” “join,” or “click.” A good CTA using this method would be “Shop now!” 
  1. Make it low risk for your audience and don’t pressure them into anything. Zero commitments = happy customers. For example, “Sign Up Today!” is less pressure than saying “Sign Up Or Miss Out on Discounts!” 
  1. For longer CTAs, you can put your persuasive writing skills to the test to build intrigue and make your audience want to learn more. Offering a no-pressure incentive is a great way to do this. For example, you can say “Sign Up Today to Get More Customers!” or “Shop Today for Discounted Rates!” 
  1. Create a sense of urgency by saying things like“Shop this limited time offer before it’s too late!” While it puts some pressure on the readers, it’s the right kind of pressure. It lets them know that the deal is expiring soon, but the item will still be available after it does.
  1. Make it pop off the page! Never underestimate the power of a great design. Draw their eye to the CTA and make them want to click it, instead of hiding it in the text. 
  1. Finally, spread out your CTAs along your homepage. You’ll want a few different access points as the user scrolls for a better user experience. After all, no one likes to scroll all the way back up a page just to hit the “shop” tab at the top. 

User-Friendly Layout

Finally, pull both of these tips together and create a user-friendly layout. If the user is confused by the design, overwhelmed, or if it feels unfinished, then they likely won’t trust your website or your business. 

Good usability can improve the performance of your website and increase your chances of success. It can also boost sales and revenue for your business. For your website to be successful, it should not only look good but also provide a seamless user experience for visitors. 

You should check all of the following: 

Mobile Compatibility 

The first step is to check how your existing website appears on mobile. Business Warrior can check this for you (for free!) Sign up today to see how quickly your website loads. 


Imagine two websites for us. One is a typical website for a restaurant, with a quick link to their menu and a button to “order now.” The other is for a restaurant in the same industry, but has about 500 words of text before you get to a single image of their food, and their menu is buried in the text. Which one are you likely to use? 

The answer is obvious: you’ll use the website that is easiest for you to use. Easy to find, read, and digest sections help not only the user, but the search engine, like Google, rank your website higher! 

On top of that, Google is smart. It scans your website’s content, headlines, and image text to find certain keywords and phrases. Those keywords and phrases dictate where your business shows up in a Google search. So the better formatted your site, and the more specific the content, the easier you will be to find online. 

Effective Navigation

Good navigation is one of the most important aspects of website usability. Keep your navigation (your menu) clean and clutter-free. Small businesses don’t need to list everything in their navigation, with the exception of specific service pages. 

Small businesses only really need the following: 

  • Homepage
  • Services page (with gallery and testimonials)
    • Service A (optional)
    • Service B (optional)
    • Service C (optional)
  • Blog page (for SEO purposes)
  • Contact page

The more concise your navigation is, the better! 

Final Thoughts

Make your first impressions count with a fast loading website, good navigation, and strong calls to action. All three of them combined have the power to boost your sales, and increase your Google ranking! 

If you need help, sign up for Business Warrior! Our free marketing tool will assess your website speed and give you action plans to improve your website and homepage. Try it today! 

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