What You Can and Can’t Say in Holistic Health Facebook Ads?

Holistic Health Facebook Ads
Holistic Health Facebook Ads

Are you ready to begin advertising your holistic health services on Facebook? There are a few things you need to know first; namely, what you can’t say on the platform. It is common practice for big advertising platforms such as Google and Facebook to restrict what you can and can’t say in advertisements. The health industry is no exception. 

Here’s what you can’t say, show, and do in holistic health Facebook Ads

Facebook Restrictions on Holistic Health Ads

Facebook outlines all of its restrictions in its extensive ad policy. To make it easy for you, we pulled out everything related to holistic health in this blog. 

Cosmetic Procedures and Wellness Policy

Facebook does not allow any weight loss services or products or cosmetic surgeries and procedures, to target anyone under the age of 18. This includes Rhinoplasty, hair implants, and dermabrasion. 

Additionally, dietary or herbal supplements, vitamins, and protein must not target people under 18 years of age.

Avoid Sensitive Content

Sensitive content is a broad term and is often left up to the discretion of Facebook. A general rule of thumb is to not write ads that target pain points. For example, if you have a weight loss service, then avoid saying “tired of diets not working” and “Do you want to lose weight?” In Facebook’s eyes, a person’s weight is considered a sensitive topic, so approach it with a service-forward attitude. 

Focus on what you want people to feel after using the product. For example, instead of “Lose 10 pounds,” you can say “Try CoolSculpting to shape your body!” 

Forbidden Topics

Facebook does not prohibit these, but we at Business Warrior strongly encourage you to stay away from the following advertising topics to avoid upsetting your audience or turning away a large group of people: 

  • Religion
  • Politics
  • Sex
  • Minorities
  • Gender identification
  • Feminism
  • Body Positivity 

Prohibited Content 

To reduce negative ad experiences, you should avoid the following when you promote health products or services:

Images focusing on Conditions

Ads shouldn’t draw attention to beauty or health conditions to avoid creating a false idea of the experience. For example, ads shouldn’t use zoomed-in images of acne, eye bags, and before-and-after images. 

Negative Self-Perception

Ads shouldn’t contain content that is likely to trigger a negative reaction. For example, ads shouldn’t highlight a specific body or figure as desirable or idealized.

Examples of Restricted Holistic Health Ads (And How to Fix Them)

Permanent Makeup

Ad copy

Tired of looking in the mirror and hating your eyebrows? Get a look you’ll love for years with our microblading services. 


Before and after services. 

Why it’s restricted

This ad violates two guidelines: negative self-perception and images focusing on conditions.

How to fix

Swap out the ad copy with something more service-based. Try “Never have to fill in your brows again with our microblading services.” The image should be more generic, with a happy person with full eyebrows, or your clinic. 

Weight Loss

Ad copy 

Get fit and feel your best with our new exercise clinic! 20% off membership fees and a free lesson to first-timers!


An image depicting a teenager who is working out to lose weight. 

Why it’s restricted

Sensitive content and age restriction. The image could be seen as sensitive, as it alludes that people with that body type should want to lose weight. It also contains a teenager, who is under the age of 18.

How to fix

Switch out the image to a group working out together. Including all different body types and genders. 


Ad copy

In pain? Stressed? Fatigued? Try acupuncture to naturally relieve your symptoms. 


An up-close and clean shot of the procedure. 

Why it’s restricted

Sensitive content. Showing needles in someone’s skin, even if there is no blood, can be restricted due to the nature of the image. The ad copy is fine in this instance, as it doesn’t reference body image. 

How to fix

Swap out the photo with something that’s feel-good or of your clinic. 

Don’t Want to Get Restricted? Have Clear Goals

Knowing exactly what you wish to achieve with your ads makes it a lot easier to make content that will pass Facebook’s regulations. For example, if you want to increase brand awareness, ads that are all about your services and the benefits of your services are the way to go. 

If you want to generate more leads, determine what services you want to sell and how you can spotlight them without spotlighting any pain points. 

Secondly, be clear on who your target audience is. Creating an accurate audience avatar will lead you in the right direction and will help you avoid any age-related restrictions. 

Finally, be true to yourself! You may be restricted in some areas, but that does not mean you have to change your whole business model or your tone to appease Facebook. Follow your branding and show the world who you are with your ads. Your audience will thank you for the authentic experience, from the ad to after their procedure. 

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