IBD hits $30,000 in ROI

Your home design is everything that makes up who you are – your passions, lifestyle, family, and personality are all captured in the look and feel of your personal space. However, blending an aesthetic that captures your personal style with a space that’s actually livable is a talent only a few designers accomplish. Alicia Newman, owner of IBD Studio, is one of the few designers that can make your house feel like the home you’ve always dreamed of.

Alicia began her journey in digital marketing by trying to navigate social media and ad campaigns on her own. Between managing multiple design projects, balancing multiple vendors, and maintaining her day-to-day operations, she was overwhelmed by how to find the right combination of online products to expand her brand’s reach to find qualified customers.

Business Warrior began working with Alicia to help find the perfect product blend to get her more new customers – and an actual return on her marketing spend – so she could get back to doing what she loves. She now has a huge ROI from one month of marketing campaigns and an unreal conversion rate.

“Business Warrior was able to take some of that stress off my shoulders, but it has become more than that. It’s a true partner! I now have a marketing firm as another arm of IBD studio. Business Warrior has been a wonderful tool as a small business owner because I know it’s getting done, I see the results and then I go back and start designing and getting back to work for my clients.”

– Alicia Newman 2017

How did we do it?

  • Showcased Alicia’s beautiful designs on all social media platforms – particularly the visually-focused mediums of Pinterest and Instagram – to create additional buzz and reach.
  • Utilized Alicia’s huge content library of design work to create a posting strategy across social media with original content and tags/mentions of influencers in the design field on a local and national level to aid in social presence and support her public relations strategy.
  • Designed an advertising campaign to promote an offer outside of the industry norms; including the copy, imagery, A/B testing strategy of the ads and landing pages, and lookalike audiences to remarket to potential new customers.
  • Designed email automation based on user behavior from the landing page to deliver customize messaging to each customer based on the action path they took.
  • Helped Alicia organize her customer contact information in a CRM system and trained her team on the platform to track where they came from, products they’ve purchased, email communication sent and score them based on quality.

What were the results?

  • Within the first month of her advertising campaign, Business Warrior generated $30,000 in ROI for IBD Studio from our targeted approach
  • Her advertising campaign from Business Warrior boasts an 100% conversion rate (for context – the industry standard is 9.21%)
  • She now has a huge presence on social media with optimized profiles. Her client engagement on the original content we post on their behalf is up month over month.

Where are they now?

  • Finding more new customers across the Scottsdale area with Business Warrior
    : check out their client showcase here!

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