Influencer Marketing: Yay or Nay for Med Spas?

Influencer Marketing

Nowadays, it’s nearly impossible to scroll on social media without seeing the face of an influencer. They can be promoting their channel, in a meme, or holding a product that you’ve been researching for a long time now. Chances are, you’ll pause and look at their review of the product, because someone who gets over 1 million views consistently wouldn’t steer their audience wrong, right? 

You just fell prey to influencer marketing. Influencer marketing is a highly-effective and relatively new way of marketing your products and services to the masses. Today, you can’t get away from it. It’s no longer just on your television or your radio — it’s in streaming services, every social media platform, in YouTube videos, and all over your phone. 

As a small business, influencer marketing can be the difference between maintaining your business and growing it like never before. However, not every industry or every business will find success with it. So is it worth it for industries like med spas? 

The Value of Influencer Marketing for Small Businesses

You may be thinking that influencers with millions of views wouldn’t even think of endorsing small brands who can’t pay them the big bucks. You, like so many others, are actually wrong to think that. In fact, 70% of influencer brands are working with smaller creators.

The market is only growing too. According to Adweek, influencer marketing is set to reach $10 billion in value by 2020. Two platforms stand out more than the others as well: Instagram and TikTok. In fact, 74% of brands and 75% of creators are planning on investing more into TikTok in 2022, according to Adweek.

Is Influencer Marketing Valuable For Med Spas? 

The short answer is yes. Influencer marketing is built to showcase products and services that consumers may be either on the fence about trying, or have no idea exist, which are two of the biggest challenges many med spas face. 

A good influencer can not only make scarier-looking services look appealing and easy — such as acupuncture or permanent makeup — they can also bring those services into the mainstream as ways to treat specific ailments or offer solutions to problems. 

Your prospective clients are looking to influencers for this kind of content too. A massive 49% of consumers look to influencers before making purchasing decisions. Moreover, the majority of these consumers are not looking to mega-influencers to make their purchasing decisions, but rather at localized, niche influencers that they can relate with. 

So, how do you get started?

Getting Started with Influencer Marketing

Pick a Platform

Don’t overwhelm yourself by picking influencers all over the internet — stick to 1-3 platforms at first and look to grow from there. We recommend starting with Instagram to appeal to your older clients and putting some budget toward TikTok for the exposure, as TikTok generally appeals to a younger audience more than people in their 30s+. 

Pick a Type

There are a couple types of marketing plans to consider. You can choose a product ad or a product review. 

Product Ad

A product is a simple script reading. You provide the talking points and the influencer reads them off and adds their own spin on it. This is one of the most common influencer marketing methods, especially on YouTube. 

Product review 

A product review is an influencer’s honest review of your product or service. They will often go over the product or the service they received and may record in the clinic as well (with your permission, which we recommend giving them). 

The best product reviews are those that are authentic and honest. You can’t dictate what the influencer will say, but you can give them the right product for them, set the tone, and create guidelines that need to be in their ad. If you’re asking them to review your product, you ethically can’t influence them in any way

If you do choose to utilize the power of social media, it is important that you follow key FTC guidelines when it comes to influencers promoting your med spa and services.

Create an Offer

Every influencer will be expected to be compensated for their time and work. That doesn’t always mean paying them in cash (though some will expect monetary compensation). 

By providing an influencer with something as simple as a free treatment, you can gain massive exposure and potential patient acquisition to the audience you want. Simply offering an influencer a free treatment worth $500 may seem like a lot, but you have the potential to gain more clients from it. For example, getting 10 new clients from that influencer means you’ll make an additional $5,000 in profit. 

In this sense, investing in a single treatment or promotion can provide a massive return for your medical spa when done correctly.

Find an Influencer

You can’t pick any influencer off the internet to promote your product. Find one that best aligns with what you sell and try reaching out to them. There are also agencies out there that will pair you with an influencer too. 

It’s also essential that your influencers know how to use your products. When influencers take this approach, they will resonate better with their audience. It also makes your job easier since the influencer clearly loves your brand – it’s just a matter of coordinating campaign details.

Check their Engagement Rate Before You Seal the Deal

Know the value of the offer before you hire the influencer by checking their engagement rates — their likes, views, comments, and shares. After connecting with an influencer through an agency, you’ll have access to more engagement metrics, such as link clicks and coupon code redemptions. To manually calculate an engagement rate, simply follow the formula below:

Total number of engagements (divided by) total number of followers = Engagement Rate

So, influencer marketing: yay or nay for med spas? 

Yay! The right influencer can boost your profits and build client-loyalty as they give your clinic more exposure in the digital sphere. We highly recommend giving it a try! 

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