Is Blogging a Good Marketing Tool?

Is Blogging a Good Marketing Tool?
Is Blogging a Good Marketing Tool?

It seems like everyone has a blog nowadays. It’s not just a fun trend – it’s a marketing strategy! But is blogging a good marketing tool? Yes! In fact, blogging can actually be one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal…if you have the patience for it. 

You see, blogging won’t give you immediate gratification. It is a long-term plan that can take months or years to really get going. Despite that, blogging is one of the best things you can do for your business! Here’s why. 

Is Blogging a Good Marketing Tool?

Blogs are the lifeforce behind a long-lasting SEO (search engine optimization) campaign. Without blogs, your SEO is only as strong as your website will likely plateau and slowly drop, especially if you don’t update your content every now and then. 

Blogs and SEO go hand-in-hand. Blogs make your website relevant to more keywords and phrases, they keep your website active and updated, they create more opportunities for backlinks, and allow you to create a robust internal link structure. 

On top of that, blogs…

Help Drive Traffic to Your Website

Blogs offer long-term opportunities for traffic. They can answer commonly asked questions, address common problems, or fill a niche. People can reference your blog for years without being uncomfortable by salesy-content. 

Additionally, every time you create and publish a blog post, it’s another indexed page on your website, which means one more opportunity for you to show up on Google and drive traffic to your website in organic search.

Create Repurposable Content 

Your blogs don’t just have to stay on your blog page. Every time you create a new article, you can share it on social media, create videos out of the content, and pull out tips and tricks to share around online. 

You’re strengthening your social reach with blog content and driving new website visitors to your blog via your social channels.

Convert Traffic into Leads

Blogs also have the power to turn leads into customers. By building credibility, you’re increasing your chances of selling a potential customer on your products or service. 

The way this works is straightforward: Just add a lead-generating call-to-action to every blog post, like this one: sign up for Business Warrior today to start your next digital marketing campaign! Okay, plug aside, let’s jump to tip number 4. 

Help with Link Building

Inbound links, also called backlinks, are one of the many factors (over 200 in fact) that Google considers when it ranks your website. The more high-quality backlinks that point back to your website, the higher your SEO ranking will be and the easier it will be to take over highly competitive keywords. 

Blogs are an amazing way to get backlinks. They position you as a professional in the industry with a vault of knowledge about things people want to know. You can also create a monthly link building campaign to generate more links to your website via guest writing blogs for other websites! 

Finally, Blogs Establish Your Brand As An Industry Authority

Blogs build your brand authority. The more high-quality blogs you have about interesting topics, then the more customers and leads are likely to trust you. If you can answer their questions, they’re much more likely to remember your website, link back to that blog, or buy from you! 

It allows you to prove to your readers, by providing actionable insights and value, that your business understands the industry and the pain-points that they regularly encounter.

Those who can teach and teach well, are seen as authority figures.

That’s why Business Warrior’s blog is all about digital marketing for small businesses in a variety of industries. No one knows small business advertising like we do and we want our blog to reflect that! If you treat your blog the same way, then it will be one of your most effective marketing tools in the long-run. Just be patient with it – SEO is a slow beast, but it is so worth it. After all, it’s free traffic straight from Google’s first page! 

If you need help getting your blogs going, reach out to us at Business Warrior. We’ll help you get your blog writing and SEO off the ground the right way. Visit us online, today

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