Three Tips to Make Your Digital Ads Stand Out

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The digital ad space is as competitive as ever. For your business to stand out and get more customers, you’re going to have to break from the status quo of ad creative. You can research online and find a ton of blogs on how to write strong hooks or pair your ad with some killer imagery, but here’s a secret: everyone does that. If you want to truly stand out, those things help, though you can be doing so much more. Today, Business Warrior is going to tell you how to stand out online in ways that actually make you stand out. 

Let’s jump right in. 


As you probably guessed from the introduction, originality is essential. You can’t follow the same path that everyone else is doing. Sure, you can write an amazing ad like: 

“Organic, locally-grown cuisine, from our gardens to your kitchen. Get 20% off your first order!”

That’s nothing new. It’s filled with buzzwords that everyone is expected to use, like “organic” and “locally-grown.” Yes, those are good selling points, and yes, that can make you unique, but it’s not original. It’s especially not a good hook. It’s the safe option. 

If you don’t want to be safe, try something with your personality built into it. You can try something like: 

Food that makes your grandma proud. Get 20% off your first order! 

We don’t recommend dropping the “locally-grown” or “organic” entirely from your brand, but try featuring it on your packaging, the imagery, and your online branding instead of focusing your ad around it. 

Finally, if you’re not sure that you want to be totally different, that’s okay! Run an A/B test — have both ads running with the same budget behind them. This will show you which ad is performing better and which direction you should continue with. You may be surprised by the results! 

Need help finding your unique voice? Try being…


Being bold doesn’t always mean taking a risk. It can mean being unapologetically yourself, even when you’re trying to sell your product or service. It can mean not being afraid to experiment with different techniques, tones, colors, and mediums. It can even mean taking a stance on a controversial topic (like pineapple on pizza) to generate some buzz around your business. 

The most important thing about being bold, though, is to stay true to yourself and your branding. You don’t want to give off the wrong impression about who you and your business are.


People are exhausted from constantly warding off ads. So don’t make your ad sound like an ad, make it sound like a human. Connect with them on a personal, humorous, or emotional level instead of putting a giant “BUY NOW” neon sign in their face. This helps your audience feel connected to your branding and to your business, which makes them more likely to buy from you. 

To do this, stick to your personal ethos and take the tone of first-person or second person narrative to help bridge the gap between ad and human. An example of this would be:

First person: An ad where the camera is the person — you see two hands (meant to represent your hands), reaching across the table to grab a freshly baked dinner roll. The copy on the ad can be: “A meal worth remembering.” 

Second person: “Food that makes your grandma proud.” The imagery can be of people enjoying the food in question or making it. 

The best way to start brainstorming this method is to ask yourself: If I were a customer, how would I utilize these services or products? Then act it out! You’ll be thinking of different scenarios, content, and imagery in no time. 

Sell Something Other Than Your Business

It sounds crazy, but hear us out. There are countless businesses in your industry that are all trying to sell their products and services. They’re all missing one big detali though: it’s easier to sell an emotion than it is a service. 

Ask yourself the following questions: 

  • What’s our mission?
  • What feelings does my service invoke? 
  • What feelings do my clients/customers feel before they buy?

All of these prompts are essential to get to the core of what you want to sell: feelings, charitable work, local community, or something deeper? All of these things, attached to a product or service, are who you truly are. 

For example, we all know those animal shelter advertisements that show images and videos of sad dogs and cats. They’re appealing to your empathy to get you into the shelter to adopt. They’re not selling the dogs and cats — the ones you see are likely already adopted — they’re selling the emotion behind the act of helping these lonely animals. It works too. The Sarah McLachlan 2007’s ad campaign for the American Social for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in 2007 managed to raise $30 million in the first two years of its release. It’s the most successful fundraising effort for the ASPCA. 

Try doing something similar for your business. It doesn’t have to be heart-wrenching either. You can sell happiness, confidence, togetherness, overcoming a challenge, and so much more. 

Finally, Spend Wisely

It’s not all about the looks. Sometimes, it’s about the budget behind them. 

You have to spend money to make your advertisements appear online. The more you spend, the more likely they are to appear. However, that doesn’t mean it’s smart to dump thousands into all of your campaigns on every single platform — spend wisely! 

You need to be strategic on where you spend your digital advertising budget because not every marketing solution will yield a profitable return on your investment (ROI). Take a look at how your ads are performing right now. Do you see the highest return on Facebook or Google? Do you see more engagement on Facebook than Instagram? 

Spend your time and your money wisely on the platforms that work best for your business. If you’re unsure which one to choose, don’t worry. We have a blog on figuring out if Facebook is worth it for you and how Google ads can help you push your business goals forward

So do some research and spend some time figuring out which platform is best for you before you spend any of your money.

That’s it! Do these three things (along with the more conventional advice like making a strong hook, a good call to action, and value propositions), and your ads will stand out among your competition. Go get those sales! 

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