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Value is Trending in 2016 – How To Take Advantage in Marketing for Small Business

Value is trending. More importantly, FREE value is trending in 2016, so how does this affect marketing for small business? When we see or read something of true value it makes us happy, confident, motivated, calm, and every other positive feeling imaginable. It seems obvious but businesses aren’t taking advantage of this fundamental truth. In order for your business to succeed, you must provide real value during every customer interaction. Accordingly, as you read this email, Bluume had better provide you with some real value, too, or we’ll lose you. Keep reading…we’ll get to that. First, some expert advice about using free value offers in your business.

Every business needs customers to survive, every business that comes to Bluume is seeking MORE customers, and marketing for small business is the key. In order to get more customers, businesses have to attract new leads, qualify those leads, and then convert then into paying customers through a unique sales process. When this process is operating successfully you are acquiring the greatest number of qualified leads possible for the least cost possible. Every business owner imagines there’s a magical ingredient that acts as a catalyst in this exchange. ONE hyper-engaging social media post that attracts millions of followers. ONE golden email that wrangles in thousands of new subscribers. ONE miraculous video that goes viral immediately. Unless you’re Kim Kardashian, that magical ingredient that takes a company from zero to a million in one action does not exist. However, there is something that is always trending, that will attract eyes to your business, and can be filtered down to your ideal customers. It’s free value.

Always be creating value for your customers, give them the value, communicate the value, and follow up with them. So the question becomes, how much value should you give away? As a business owner looking to grow your customer base you’ve probably come across value offers that say something like, “To attract 1,000 new subscribers in 30 days click here,” or “Click here to get the free manual for your first 10K Instagram followers,” or “Attract new customers by downloading this e-book.” These offers sound amazing, but then we click, submit our email, re-submit our information, and ultimately receive about 5% of what we really wanted and were promised. By the time we get any value we’re let down and disappointed in the entire process. We’re annoyed and we definitely do not trust that business enough to buy anything. These tricks used to entice people to give away their contact information without giving away too much value. Like most old tricks, they’ve grown stale and people have become numb to them.
So, how much value should you give away? What if the value a business gave us met our expectations at a level of 100% without asking for anything in return? What would that look like? How would you feel about that organization? You’d be thankful that they gave you something of real value without asking for anything in return. You would feel confident about working with that business in the future. This is the approach that has proved to be the most successful. This is why free value is trending. We get something of value without having to give anything, and we naturally want to interact with that business again.

Free value is the elusive, magical marketing ingredient in today’s social media, online, and digital world. Give real value that’s unique to your business, that no other business can offer, give it to people for free, make it easy to get it, and don’t ask for anything in return. (Of course, you must keep communicating and have a follow up process to connect with your leads, just don’t force them to do anything.) Now, I’m not saying that every business should give away their “secret sauce” recipe, the only thing that sets you apart from your competition. Usually, there’s something small that every business has that sets them apart from their competition, and can be given away as a free introductory offer to potential new customers. Once you identify what this is for your business, share your value offer as often as you can. Be creative, sharing it in posts, pictures, videos, and how-to guides.

Yes, free value is trending, and Bluume is following its own advice. In addition to the free guidance above, we have a free e-book we’d like to give you. It’s called How-To Optimize Your Social Media Sites for Your Business, and covers Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus, Twitter, and Yelp. There’s an easy-to-use checklist at the end that really organizes and brings it all together for you. We’re adding the finishing touches as we speak and will be delivering How-To Optimize Your Social Media Sites for Your Business to everyone who is interested. Click below to receive your free copy.

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