A Word from Mobi – A ‘Thank You’ to Local Veterinarians

 A Thank You Note from Mobi to all Local Veterinarians: Thoughts after my annual check-up.

As Bluume’s resident pup, I’ve got an expert opinion on local Veterinarians. I like to think I’m a pretty intelligent dog (and a very good boy), so when I was asked to share my thoughts on my personal veterinarian and latest annual check-up, it got my tail waggin’.

Like any dog, I visit my local veterinarian regularly. He likes to make sure I’m healthy and performing at my very best. Sometimes there are shots involved in my annual check-up, but it’s okay because those always lead to extra treats. And obviously, I love treats, and playing in the park, and fetch… OMG fetch is so amazing! Wait, I got distracted… Anyway, this got me thinking – my local veterinarian does an awful lot for me and it’s time for me to say thanks – thank you for keeping me healthy and for being one of my very best friends.

Aside from my annual check-up, there are a lot of other things my local veterinarian does for me; like weighing me and never making me feel self-conscious about it because I’m a dog and don’t really even know what that means. He even knows that spot on my belly that makes my leg twitch! How does it do that, by the way…. no one knows.

Thank you for always putting my care first. Because of you and my annual check-up, I’ve got lots of energy to run, and play, and close deals at Bluume all day long. And no one can resist my charm and smooth, fluffy coat because you help prevent me from getting fleas, ticks, and itchy skin. I’ve even received the ‘Best Smile’ award because you’ve kept these pearly whites clean and strong – for chewing bones and carefully removing all the stuffing from a new toy. That’s what you’re supposed to do with those toys, right?

I also need to thank you for something called ‘the snip’? I’m not entirely sure what it means but my dad assures me it was for the best and well, I trust everything he says! So whatever that is, thanks for taking great care of me – I heard it was a great success!

I want to thank your team for always being so friendly, gentle, and readily available with my favorite treats when I arrive at my annual check up. They always remember my name when I walk in the door – even my nickname, “Sit”, which is incredible! I’m never afraid of going to the doctor because I know there’s a great team who will do everything they can to keep me as healthy as possible. I’ve got lots of tail-wagging, squirrel-chasing, belly-rubbing years ahead of me, and I know they will always be there when I need them.

So fellow dogs, cats, birds, and animal friends, next time you visit your local veterinarian, take a moment to say ‘Thank You’, and not just for the treats! Thanks for putting me first. Thanks for keeping me strong and healthy. Thanks for having all the answers my dad needs. And yes, thanks especially for the treats. You do a whole lot for me and it’s time you get the recognition you deserve – AKA a few extra face licks next time I stop by! But for now, I’m going to bark at nothing for a few minutes because I can.

-Mobi Doo

For more information on how Bluume is working with Veterinarian Practices, please click HERE.

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