More New Customers for Small Businesses

More New Customers Drives Ice Cream Shop to Open 4th Location!

Key Success Factor

This traditional ice cream shop heavily relied on drive-by traffic and had a hard time getting more new customers. Business Warrior software helped them create a consistent social media presence, improve their SEO ranking and prioritize the managers time to focus on the customer experience.

By leveraging the key feature of the software, the operators were able to focus their time where it was needed most….the customer experience. Business Warrior prioritizes actions for the business on a weekly basis, so they know where to spend their time to drive the highest results. Management was able to focus on the customer experience resulting in more new customers, an increase in revenue and then a fourth location.

Here’s How They’re Using Business Warrior

Like many small businesses, they overlooked the importance of social media and listening to their customers. This ice cream shop is very traditional, and they were unsure how to leverage social media and how it affected their SEO results. Business Warrior simplified it for them by breaking down their entire digital landscape into a Growth Score and simple priority steps to take each week, which led to more new customers. This was something they could handle and they took advantage of it. They were able to create a strong social content strategy to keep their business relevant with their existing customers and to drive awareness for their brand.

What were the results?

Now opening it’s 4th location, they have gained a higher retention rate from their existing customers and have opened many doors to get more new customers in the door. They have an engaged social media following, their Google search results (SEO) have improved dramatically, they connect with their customers in a way they never thought possible, and have even started to drive customers from other parts of the city. Business Warrior has made it simple and efficient for them to improve their business consistently through improving each area of the business that drives new customer growth….social media, SEO, reviews, and their entire digital presence.

“I don’t see how why every business wouldn’t want to use Business Warrior.”

– CEO of Ice Cream Shop

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