Three Things your Mobile IV Clinic Should Be Doing Online

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mobile IV

Being in the health industry, you know how difficult it can be to cram all of your services, experience, and credibility into an advertisement. We also know how hard it can be to stand out online, especially for locally-owned businesses. Today, we at Business Warrior are sharing three invaluable things you should be doing consistently online to boost sales for your mobile IV clinic. 

Tip 1: Post Photos on GMB

Adding photos to your Google My Business account is a quick and free way to give your website a boost in SEO. This will not only help your GMB listing show up higher on Google — like the first page — it will help show current and prospective customers what you do, which builds trust. 

Adding photos to your GMB offers three advantages: 

  1. Improve brand awareness
  2. Increase engagement
  3. Build trust

Here are some best practices for you to use. 

Use Real Images

No stock photography and no filters! Use real, clear, and crisp images with little-to-no editing for your Google My Business profile. Customers want to see the real experience and are often turned off when they see overly edited or fake-looking images. Do your best to keep your GMB account looking clean and authentic. 

You can upload photos of your clinic, nurses, appointments (with client consent), IV bags, vitamin shooters, ingredients, and more. Stage it as a happy experience so customers can see the amazing experience they will have with your company. 

Make Use of Photo Categories

GMB has photo categories, which you can sort your photos into. For mobile IVs, you can make use of the exterior category to show you’re mobile. Google also made a list of categories to get you started. To make it easy, we broke down a few of our category recommendations below: 

  • Interior: such as amenities and lobbies
  • Exterior: such as your clinic from different angles, some landmarks within your clinic, at a client’s home
  • Services: like of some of your staff performing services 
  • Products:such as your IVs and ingredients
  • Team: like your staff of nurses 

Some categories may not be relevant to your clinic. If you don’t have a physical location, then you can disregard interior and exterior categories. 

Have Your Clients Upload for You

Customers can upload Google My Business photos on their own, or when they review your clinic, too. This is a great asset for you, as it shows authenticity and transparency. This is a perfect opportunity for you to collect more pics when you don’t have new photos ready for upload just yet, as it provides regular and fresh content continuously rolling in.

This also can come with minor risks, as it is possible that a customer may have a less than stellar experience with you or may post images you don’t want on your account, such as IV photos that contain a close-up of a needle as it is inserted. While you can’t always control what customers are uploading to your GMB listing, you can flag and report irrelevant photos. Moderating photos can be an inconvenience, but Google will help business owners in resolving such issues.

Tip 2: Writing Benefit-Driven Blog Content

Not only does writing consistent benefit-driven content hit keywords, it shows you’re an expert in the industry who knows what you’re talking about, and it entices your demographics even more. 

Benefit-driven content also gives your clients and potential clients a reason to call you. Think of it like this: if you’re only advertising that you’re a local clinic, then you’re missing out on those who are looking for headache relief, weight loss, hydration, and more. 

We recommend the following: 

Highlight Menu Items in Blogs

Write blogs that highlight the benefits of your menu items. One blog for Vitamin C, one blog for Vitamin B12, one blog for Zinc, and so on. Then write effect-specific blogs, such as “Vitamins for Headaches,” and “Weight Loss Through IVs.” 

All of these will have a good chance of ranking high on Google in a few months. Remember, this type of SEO is slow to move, but it will rank higher if you give it a chance — and it shows that you know your stuff!

Make Ads that Target Specific Ideas

Along the same line as writing the blogs, write ads that appeal to specific ideas and products. For example, if you want to sell more vitamin shots, then write ads that are specific to that product. We recommend writing the three following types of ads; 

  1. General business ad about who you are
  2. Specific service/product you want to sell more of
  3. Most popular service

Make each of these as specific as possible to one idea to see the most benefit. 

Tip 3: Target the Right Audience

Make sure you are targeting the right people. Not everyone will be interested or will be able to afford a mobile IV clinic. Ensure that you are targeting the right demographics and the group of earners with your ads, your social posts, and blogs. 

As a mobile IV clinic, you are likely to have this as your audience profile: 

  • Top 25% of income
  • Holistic Health
    • More specifically, those looking for cures or illness prevention
  • Athletes
  • Partiers
  • Chronic Illness
    • Migraines, Crohn’s Disease, GI diseases
  • Ages: 21-60+

By targeting this audience, you’ll increase your chances of naturally finding people online who are interested in your services. Similarly, you’ll be less likely to spend your advertising budget, money on boosted posts, and your time trying to appeal to an audience who may not be interested in your services. The best thing to remember is to balance the quantity of your audience with the quality of leads (potential customers) it produces. Do that and you’ll start to see growth! 

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