Outbound Lead Generation Strategies for Beginners and Small Businesses

Outbound Lead Generation
Outbound Lead Generation

There are two sides to a sales lead generation process: inbound and outbound. Inbound is likely what you know: it’s the softer sale and nurturing where the customers make their own decision to reach out to you. Outbound is the opposite — it’s you directly reaching out to the customer. Some markets believe this is an outdated strategy, but it is still very alive and well today in many industries. 

What is Outbound Lead Generation?

Outbound lead generation is a way to engage with potential customers who might not know about your product via cold calling, direct email, social selling and direct mail. Outbound lead generation speaks directly to your customers through targeted outreach and impactful advertising.

It actively reaches a broader group of people and can bring in more sales in a shorter period. It also gives you complete control of what type of customer you’re bringing in, since you target them directly instead of relying on an algorithm. 

An effective lead generation process is also an important part of your business’s growth and success! Here are some outbound lead generation strategies for beginners and small businesses.

Outbound Lead Generation Strategies for Small Businesses

Automation to Optimize Workflow

Marketing automation software or a CRM is now an essential part of an outbound lead generation process. The number of times people searched for “marketing automation” has tripled over the past five years, which isn’t surprising as the world of automation and digital advertising continue to collide. 

The best way for a small business to automate their workflow is looking into a customer relationship management system (CRM). There are free CRM software that allow you to keep track of your social media, review management, and incoming messages. CRMs help you: 

  • Save time
  • Cut down on manual tasks
  • Provide analytics on various KPIs

Marketing automation is crucial as it allows you to monitor every outbound lead, therefore, your sales reps have more time for a quick reaction. This matters because leads are 9x more likely to convert when businesses follow-up within five minutes.

Use Content Syndication to Reach Your Target Audience

Content syndication is a process of distributing your content — such as blogs and press releases — in multiple ways to reach your target audience. At least 65% of marketers use content syndication as a core part of their lead generation efforts.

With content syndication as an outbound lead gen strategy, you get to choose who and when someone reads your content. You can distribute it through telemarketing (cold calling) or email marketing (cold emails). The top four most commonly used content types for that are whitepapers, presentations, infographics, and articles.

Referrals and Review Management 

While it’s not a traditional outbound lead generation tactic, referrals can be highly effective, especially for contractors, plumbers, beauty salons, restaurants, and so much more. 

Your referral program doesn’t have to be complicated.If your customers like your solution, they’ll be happy to share it with colleagues or friends in their professional network.

You can also consider asking customers for testimonials or reviews! At least 93% of consumers research before they buy. This means there is a high probability that your customers are looking at what people are saying about your business before they decide to call you. Those reviews can make or break your outbound lead generation, your SEO strategy, and your Google ranking. 

For instance, Google reviews boost your Google ranking, increase your credibility, and are 100% free lead generation.

Facebook and Yelp reviews are the same. The more people who leave positive reviews, the more customers you can bring in. However, a negative review can be detrimental to the momentum that months or years in business have built up for a local business. 

Keep Track of Review Management 

Review management is a critical part of outbound lead generation. It’s the first step to building an army of online reviews and showing that you’re an active business owner who is dedicated to creating a wonderful customer experience. However review management is difficult to keep track of across multiple different platforms. 

That’s where CRMs like Business Warrior come in. Business Warrior keeps track of all your recent reviews in one easy-to-navigate dashboard. It also shows you if you’ve replied to reviews, your average rating, and which platform your business is benefiting the most from. It takes the guesswork and the legwork out entirely. Sign up today, for free! 

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