Get more traffic to your website

Get more traffic to your website

Ready to get more traffic to your website?

TEMPE, AZ – August 20, 2020 Who doesn’t want to sit back and get more traffic to their website? More traffic to your website equals increasing potential customers and converting them into revenue. For many small businesses, getting more website traffic is the root of major issues holding them back and they don’t even know it. This is because there are minimum monthly visitor requirements that Google and Facebook have. These requirements prevent you from:

  • Getting to the first page of a Google search for your business
  • Effectively advertising your business when you pay Facebook and Google through their advertising platform
  • Your ability to remarket customers who are visiting your website

Here are the monthly visitor requirements for your website:

Provider Number of Visitors Per Month to Your Website
Facebook 1,000
Google Display Network 100
Google Search Network 1,000

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To summarize, in order to get more traffic to your website you have to start with getting more traffic to your website. We know this is a bit of a “head scratcher,” but this blog is here to help.

First, customers judge your business based on your website 

You would not want potential customers walking into your storefront and seeing an unorganized layout with poor customer service. Why should you treat your website any differently? Visiting  your business’s website is one of the first impressions customers have of your business. You do not want to be judged by your website’s slow page speed, faulty links, or formatting errors. 

A shortcoming that business owners must keep in mind while setting up their website is to ensure that the website works seamlessly across platforms, primarily mobile and desktop. 

Your website should accurately convey your brand’s value and message. Having blogs, educational resources, and other assets on your website, will deliver more value to your customers and make your company easier to find through proper SEO. 

A website shouldn’t be treated as a box to check-off your to-do list. It should be well-thought out as one of your business’s most important resources to deliver and capture value. 

Second, speed matters! 

One of the most overlooked forms of delivering a good experience for customers is quite simple to fix: improving website speed. To highlight the importance of this, imagine a scenario where you are running a grocery store with only one checkout line. The consumers like your products and have come to your store to make a purchase. However, when they’re ready to complete a purchase, they’re met with long lines and slow service. This is going to force a lot of customers to leave and avoid this slow, inefficient process. 

Losing out on customers is exactly what happens when visitors go to your website and experience delays – they leave and abandon you. Studies have found some alarming statistics about the importance of website speeds:

  • After just four seconds, 25% of consumers will abandon that website.
  • Each 1-second delay that your website has, results in a 7% reduction in conversions.

To quantify this, if an e-commerce site has sales of $100k a day and users experience a 1-second page delay, the business owner could forego $2.5 million in lost sales every year. Just as speed of service is crucial in a traditional brick-and-mortar setting, the page speed of a website might even be more valuable to business owners.  Not only does a fast website make your customers happy, but it gives you a better chance at being found on that highly sought-after first page Google ranking as one of the pieces of data that Google uses in its results page algorithm is page speed.

Website Page Speed Impacts the Bottom line

Want to know how your website load time affects your bottom line?

Download our infographic here!


Third, technical setup is crucial to generating more traffic

What many websites lack are the tools to translate their traffic into actual revenue. A poorly developed website can be a critical mistake that most small business owner’s look past. Whether it’s lacking the time or the know-how, small business websites typically lack the proper development to generate more traffic and seamlessly deliver value to their customers.  Here are some ways to generate more traffic and optimize your website. 

The confident way to get more website traffic

Run a free website analysis using Business Warrior’s software. With no payment information needed, you’ll receive a score from Business Warrior that reflects your company’s overall quality of its website. The average website score for small businesses is 24/100. Most small business websites aren’t optimized and can’t effectively deliver, nor capture value from their consumers. Too busy or not wanting the hassle to figure out the complexity of driving more website traffic? For just $149/month, your Business Warrior team will manage your website for you. Here’s what you’ll get:

  • An optimized website for desktop and mobile so your pages load fast and work on all devices
  • Structuring your website data to perform best with Google’s search engine, resulting in getting to Page 1 easier.
  • Monthly consultations to provide progress and results.
  • The freedom to have a website development team working on your site for 2 hours per month, no restrictions and no contracts!

Start capturing more value from your website’s traffic!

Run your free analysis today and get your website up-to speed!

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