Project Description

Client Issues:

This is an Instagram for Business Case Study on how a salon in Arizona was able to attract new customers, and create a globally known brand. Typically, salons rent space to their stylists and stylists keep all of their revenue. Habit Salon decided to switch from a rental model to a commission based model, but they were worried about making that switch in their model, having enough business during the transition and losing their stylists. They needed a way to bring in enough new customers to grant their stylists a good living on commission based on the new customers the salon could bring in for them. They were using social media to market the salon, but things weren’t moving as quickly as imagined. They only had 700 Instagram followers and were losing them each week. They didn’t know what to do, where to post, how to take photos, what #hashtags are for, and why they needed to do it for their business. We saw an opportunity for the salon to leverage Instagram with their clients as a way to show their amazing work and attract new customers.

Bluume’s results:

Bluume developed a strategy to leverage social media to attract new customers and improve their bottom line. We designed a fun and engaging strategy using Instagram. We engaged their employees with their customers, promoted their work, and marketed their brand globally. Now they’re bringing in more customers than they ever have before through Instagram, Facebook, local and mobile search, and online. Since working with Bluume, Habit Salon has gone from 700 to over 100K Instagram followers, and their business is flourishing. They have one of the top salon accounts on Instagram (@habitsalon) and their hair styles are known all over the world. They’re able to connect and interact with their existing customer base, attract new ones, create a fun culture for their staff, and consistently grow revenue. Bluume gave them the jumpstart they needed in the beginning, and they’re flourished on their own since then. This Instagram for business Case Study can be applied to any salon or other business type to get similar results.

Project Detail