Predators have a 94% increase in Revenue

Located in Mesa, Arizona, Predators Reptile Center specializes in all things that creep, crawl, sting and scare. They love selling exotic reptiles and helping customers learn more about their unique reptiles.

Before partnering with Business Warrior, small business owner Christian Kaleta felt that his average monthly revenue was enough to cover his bills and stay afloat, but his sales were no longer increasing. He knew he needed to invest in a new marketing strategy, in order to gain customers and grow, but something was holding him back. Maintaining his current customer base and trying to improve his daily operations took over his day. Christian knew he had to start somewhere, so he created a Facebook page for his business. It was a start, but there just wasn’t enough time in his day to create, post, manage and schedule the volume of content required to entice (and win) new customers.

In Q1 of 2015, Business Warrior and Predators began their partnership, established monthly goals, and implementing a plan that would eventually lead to enough growth to open a second location.

How did we do it?

  • We made sure Predators was visible to every potential customer looking for exotic reptiles in Arizona or online. Business Warrior optimized hundreds of online listings for Predators to ensure their presence and accuracy on local and mobile search engines.
  • Business Warrior’s team of experts designed comprehensive marketing campaigns (ads, channels of promotion, imagery, messaging, targeting, landing pages, email communication, etc.) to offer discounts on ticket sales for Predators’ 2017 Reptile Expo. This campaign helped Predators gain traction on their online presence, earned a conversion rate of almost 3x the industry average and boosted foot traffic to attract attendance from 4,000 reptile lovers.
  • To help with efficiency, we installed a new tablet POS system to simplify accounting and inventory management and broadband Internet service to keep their business moving as fast as the reptiles within it.
  • Expanding upon the need for an increased online presence, we developed a content creation and posting strategy across the most popular social media platforms, to help Predators establish their brand, connect with current and new customers, and promote their offers.
  • We started responding to the ongoing conversation customers about Predators online through their reviews. Most of the feedback from customers was overwhelmingly positive; however, we were able to identify major trends within the negative reviews to help Christian gain an advantage over his competitors and more insight into the needs of his customers.

What were the results?

  • Massive growth in 18 months!
  • 94% spike in revenue.
  • 333% increase in followers across all social media platforms.
  • Preparing to open a second location, made possible by the huge surge in customer acquisition from Business Warrior’s marketing campaigns and promotions.

Where are they now?

  • Predators is still a part of the Business Warrior family!
  • Increased their average monthly revenue to $70,000 (42% higher than when they began working with Business Warrior!)
  • Projected to earn $1 million in annual revenue in 2017 – a huge uptick from the $360,000 yearly revenue earned in 2015!

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