A restaurant’s powerful marketing tool is their own QR menu

Have you begun using QR code menus in your restaurant? If not, you may want to launch this technology soon.

It turns out, this national trend of using QR code menus is a largely untapped resource that can help bring customers into your restaurant again and again. To help restaurant owners capitalize on this technology, we’ve outlined our 5 easy steps to grow your restaurant’s customer base.

A heightened focus of limiting touch points in public has created many changes in the way the restaurant industry operates – most notably with the rise of single-use menus and the introduction of QR code menus. All businesses (but restaurants in particular) have been forced to find creative ways to generate revenue with all of the new health and safety guidelines in place. These guidelines and small business owners’ already scarce resources have sparked innovation in restaurants across the country.

However, now that we are settling into another month of strict health guidelines in restaurants, it’s time to take a step back and see what processes restaurants have in place that can be improved upon. Through the fog of the COVID pandemic, restaurant owners have many new opportunities to grow their customer base – primarily with unlocking the power and potential of QR code technology.

Here are some steps that can help your restaurant get more customers in this new norm we live in:

1. Listings MUST be accurate

Having your business listings accurate and up to date has always been a crucial step in growing a customer base. It’s best to show reliability. Make it as simple as possible for your customers to find your information. Be sure that any changes in hours or business operations are updated across all listing services immediately.

2. Advertise health and safety precautions

Your customers need to know, if they come and visit your restaurant, that your staff is acting responsibly and doing its best to not only ensure their own health and safety, but also the customers’. Be transparent – this is a great opportunity to build trust with your customers. Use social media platforms and online listings to be clear on what your customers can expect when they visit your restaurant.

3. Develop QR code for restaurant menus

The technology for QR codes has been around for a while now, but this is the first time we’ve really seen their popularity take off. Using QR codes for your customers to view menus is very simple to set up. Many restaurants have already made this shift to QR codes for menu access with great success, but these next three steps will highlight the steps you can take to capture the most value from using QR codes.

4. Enhance Website/Menu for User Experience

A great way to get the upper hand on the competition with your QR code menu is to make the user experience more interactive. For example, bring your menu to life with images of your food. Provide customer reviews to build trust, as well as highlighting popular options. The easier it is for your customers to interact with your menu and your website, the more value this is going to create for your business.

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5. Place Tracking Pixels on QR Code for Menu

This might be the most important step of all the ones we’ve listed out. To truly capitalize on using QR codes for menus, it is imperative you place your tracking pixels on your website. What’s a tracking pixel? Simply put, a tracking pixel is a piece of code placed on your website allowing you to gather information about your customers. With this information, you can remarket your restaurant to anyone who has scanned a QR code or visited your website check out this blog for some tips on remarketing.

Using tracking pixels also helps you track how your marketing efforts are performing. Not to mention, they enhance your ability to easily launch campaigns and communicate with your customers.

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The combination of QR code menus and tracking pixels on your website creates an easy way to capture value from your restaurant’s customers. This untapped resource will take advantage of this technology and set your restaurant apart from competitors!

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