Ranch House Grille

Ranch House Grille Grew Facebook by 77%

Southwestern hospitality, hearty breakfast fare, and incredible chicken fried steak are all part of the experience at Ranch House Grille in Scottsdale, AZ. The small-town feel typically reserved for Midwestern suburbs comes through immediately – and that feeling is exactly what Leland Cline envisioned creating when he opened the doors of Ranch House Grille.

Leland is an expert in Southwestern food – but self-admittedly, isn’t an expert when it comes to handling the marketing for his business.

As a business owner, Leland doesn’t have enough time in his day to run his kitchen and Facebook ads simultaneously. He had worked with various marketing firms in the past, but wasn’t seeing the ROI or any new customers… partly because the content generated was inauthentic and partly because they didn’t target ads to his audience.

That’s where we came in and started our partnership with Ranch House Grille.  Our ads increased their brand’s reach by almost 9x the industry average… which brought in an insane amount of new customers, particularly for their lunch hours. Leland said it best, stating that “Getting people in the door is not my forte.. now there is someone who knows what they are doing and they are doing it correctly so I don’t have to think about it”.  

How did we do it?

  • Optimized and corrected their online and local listings to make sure they were found by customers.
  • Created and posted original content that matched Leland’s brand voice and shifted focus to his team instead of his menu.
  • Partnered with Leland to develop a comprehensive reputation management strategy, personalized for both positive and negative experiences with corresponding offers and specials for each.
  • Built and designed ads promoting an offer to entice new customers and gain additional foot traffic during their slow lunch.
  • Created branded landing pages optimized for mobile devices to capture customer information and stored within Leland’s personal CRM system.
  • Designed a workflow of follow-up email communication to supplement customers with their coupon, additional offers and opportunities to follow their social media accounts.

What were the results?

  • In one month, we increased their Facebook reach by 77.8%.
  • After implementing our comprehensive marketing system, Leland had his best-performing year in Ranch House history!

Where are they now?

  • Ranch House Grille is still serving up the best chicken fried steak Arizona has to offer.
  • Increasing wait times for both breakfast and lunch, due to the amount of new customers from Business Warrior’s offer campaigns.
  • Developing additional menu items and offers with Business Warrior to help open another location.

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