Remarketing is the #1 untapped tool for small businesses

Remarketing is the #1 untapped tool for small businesses. It simplifies the process of converting “window shoppers” into paying loyal customers. Business owners don’t want to waste money on advertising if it’s not going to turn into new customers. By using remarketing, businesses are able to turn visitors to a website, social media accounts, and past advertising clicks into paying customers. People are online and on their phones more than ever before. It’s essential to be on top of your potential customer’s minds. Large corporations have been using remarketing successfully for years and now it’s available to small businesses at a fraction of the cost of the other advertising mediums.

Why remarketing is important to local businesses

The most difficult part about acquiring a new customer is getting their attention. However, that’s only half the battle. The other half is converting them into a paying customer. Remarketing puts a business brand in front of all the people who have interacted with them in the past; consistently reminding them why they should be a customer. This keeps the keeps the business at the top of the consumers mind and present when the consumer is ready to make a purchase.

Before we discuss how remarketing works, let’s share some numbers that support this advertising technology according to a 2020 report.

  • 78% of your potential customers believe that a personalized advertisement increases their purchase intent.
  • 25% of customers are appreciative of ads from companies they’ve previously purchased from
  • 77% of consumers don’t buy from you immediately so remarketing reengages them

How business owners use remarketing to get customers

Have you gone to to look for some shoes and then an advertisement started appearing on your Facebook page, and almost everywhere you go online? It’s like Nike was following you everywhere reminding you that you want to buy the shoes. Remarketing works by following consumers around the web with related offers. When a person visits a website or social media they can be tagged using technology called “pixels.”

To remarket to these visitors, the pixel is placed on the page that the user visits, which triggers ads to follow that customer around. When you see ads of those Nike shoes on the sidebars or top banners of other sites, you are seeing remarketing. With the simplicity of Business Warrior, business owners can leverage remarketing to get more customers without breaking their marketing budget.

How Remarketing Works

Learn how to remarket with our free webinar

70% of business owners don’t have remarketing setup properly

Business Warrior shows businesses if they have the 5 remarketing tools set up correctly. 

  1. Facebook Pixel: Remarket on Facebook and Instagram
  2. Google Ads tags: Remarket on Google to past visitors to your website or app
  3. Conversion tracking so you know what action was taken specifically after a customer sees your advertisement
  4. Google Analytics: Know where your traffic is coming from and how many people you could be remarketing to
  5. Google tag manager: Organize and manage all your website tags to increase effectiveness

We looked into hundreds of business’s websites and social media accounts and found some alarming data. Business Warrior identified that 70% of business owners don’t have all the components set up. As a result, small businesses are missing a big opportunity with their marketing and their ability to get more new customers.

Business Warrior tells you if your remarketing is setup

Learn how to set up remarketing

We’re excited for small businesses to start opening all over the United States again. The time for businesses to start preparing to fully open is now. Whether a business was fully closed or partially open now, it doesn’t matter. Whether they’re days away from opening, weeks or a month, there’s things businesses can do now to set themselves up for success. We are here to help and are offering this FREE Webinar on how to remarket. In the Webinar, we share more about reopening tactics listed below, which remarketing plays an integral part of businesses being successful coming out of quarantine.

  1. Ensure your listings and social media sites are accurate:
    • Accurate information including dine-in, delivery, takeaway and cleaning procedures
    • Phone number, website
    • Hours of operation
    • Your menu
  2. Leverage your reputation and loyal customers.
    Most importantly, engage your top customers through Facebook, Yelp, and Google. Message every person that has left you a four and five-star review and get them to come back soon. For example, go on Yelp and respond to each of your five-star reviewers in the platform. Even if you’ve already responded to them, send them a message and let them know you’d love to see them again soon. Recommend other services that you offer that they might enjoy. Above all, engage with your best customers first and get them coming back as often as possible.
  3. Remember to remarket
    If you aren’t taking advantage of remarketing and retargeting, then consider a shift. As you reopen, it’s time to reconnect with past customers, and engage with potential customers will pay dividends. Another useful tip that we take advantage of ourselves, is to make a post on Google My Business, and social media platforms with the intent to connect and communicate with customers. We have a new webinar that will walk you through the basics of remarketing, and how to get the most out of this reopening process. Learn more about remarketing here.

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