7 Steps to Reopen Your Business

7 Steps to Reopen Your Business

TEMPE, AZ – June 15, 2020 –Are you a business owner or employed by a small business planning to reopen soon? Perhaps you’re already open, but unsure how to be successful in the new post-quarantine world.

With all of the new challenges you’re facing as a business, adhering to the new rules of operating can be daunting. Marketing to customers and ensuring they feel safe to return to your business is a new factor in reopening. We found that over 90% of businesses had major issues preventing them from bringing customers back successfully. Don’t worry there’s more than just hope…

Our client who owns The Stove in Las Vegas shared his triumph…during COVID and now post-quarantine, they’ve exemplified an inspiring entrepreneurial creativity. The Stove had record breaking success before COVID, then had to close, but was allowed to reopen during COVID with a new adjusted business model. Now, they’re re-launching the restaurant in a bigger way than ever before…..more on that business’s story below.

Now more than ever, consumers are leveraging all forms of technology to make purchasing decisions.

The truth is, we have all been waiting to get out of the house, and your customers are ready for you to reopen! It’s not only your responsibility but an opportunity to get your customers back and have them bring their friends. Ensuring accuracy on listings is only the beginning. Our strategy below shows you how to optimize every aspect of your business online to reopen and build a stronger business than ever before.

After helping thousands of businesses reopen, we’ve compiled 7 steps every business should take to be successful in the new post-quarantine business community. 

    1. Update your website – It’s always a good practice to be updating your website regularly, but it’s essential right now (pun intended)
      • Google is searching for sites that are keeping their information updated and they’re ranking those businesses higher in search results.
      • Customers are looking for businesses with clear up-to-date information, which makes them more comfortable to come back.
      • Hours of operation, product/service updates, phone number, etc.
    2. Ensure your listings are accurate – Make sure all your local listings and social media sites are updated with accurate information and keeping your customers updated
      • Accurate information including dine-in, delivery, takeaway and cleaning procedures
      • Phone number, website
      • Hours of operation
      • Your menu
    3. Leverage your reputation and loyal customers – Engage your customers through Facebook, Yelp, and Google and message every person that has left you a four and five star review. Let them know you appreciate their review and appreciate their business even more. Tell them that you can’t wait to see them again and send them direct messages on when you’re open for business again. These are your most loyal customers because they’ll tell their friends about you, so do everything you can to bring them back as quickly as possible. Consider giving them a coupon to motivate them to come back immediately.
    4. Remarketing –  If you aren’t taking advantage of remarketing, then you’re missing out on a low-cost way to reconnect to all of your past visitors. Remarketing keeps your business at the top of mind of your past customers and social media/website visitors. When they’re ready to buy services like yours again then you’ll be the first one to think of. Setting up these campaigns is simple and the cost is super low compared to Google Pay-Per-Click or social media ads. We can definitely help in this area, so sign up for a free account and book an appointment with us.
    5. Get the word out – It’s time to be as aggressive as possible to get the word out that you’re open, excited and providing a safe place for your customers. Tell your friends and family via phone calls, text messages and email. Ask your employees to do the same. The more personal you can connect with your customers the better. Post updates on every social media site, ask for new reviews to show recent 5-star reviews with recent dates, and consider spending some advertising dollars to help spread the word. Now is the time to be excited and let everybody know that YOU’RE BACK in a better way than before.
    6. Make sure your customers get a good experience from the beginning- We found that 70% of users will bounce off a website and go to the next search result if the site takes more than 3 seconds to load. Page speed is the first thing that affects your customer’s experience. If it’s slow then you’re at risk of losing a potential new customer and Google will rank you lower than your competitors with faster sites. This is a quick and easy fix, but the first thing to do is measure the speed for desktop and mobile users. We give a free score for both on our software, so get a free score here.
    7. Free help – While businesses are struggling getting revenues back to normal it’s essential to take advantage of all the free resources available. Our Business Warrior software is free to all small business owners right now. We are committed to helping our community rebuild and helping our local and national subscribers put themselves in the best position possible. Our software will show you how your business scores in all the areas essential to get your customers back and reopen with success.

This is an exciting time and the businesses that reopen successfully will capture market share and have an opportunity to build a stronger business than they had before COVID. The Stove, the restaurant in Las Vegas aforementioned, reopened perfectly. When reopening after the COVID closure, they turned their restaurant into a local marketplace and reopened in a new format quickly. They made fresh produce and other products available to the local community in a safe manner when everybody was in a panic. They were able to keep their doors open and continue paying their employees. They stayed connected with their customers as outlined in the 7 steps above, and because they were able to help the community, they actually increased their customer base during COVID. They followed the blueprint perfectly and they’re set up for more success in the future than they’ve ever had.

Reopening your business is a joyful occasion not only for yourself and your staff, but most importantly your customers! This is your opportunity to reconnect with them, bring them back and then give them the best experience possible. This will assure that they keep coming back and they tell their friends about you.

If you need help with your plans to reopen, book a demo to chat with us.

We’d love to help enroll your clients back into the vision that makes your business so essential!

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