Business Warrior discovers major problem facing over 90% of businesses reopening after COVID

The Source for Small Businesses Also Announces Solution to the Problem and C-Level Hire

TEMPE, AZ – May 21, 2020 – Business Warrior (OTC: KDNG) today announced that they have discovered a problem with over 90% of businesses that are reopening or are planning to reopen since COVID. The team at Business Warrior discovered that these businesses have major errors in their business listings and/or they are not connected with their most valuable customers. This is a major problem that will affect businesses’ ability to bring their customers back and diminish their chances of surviving going forward.

Business Warrior has been able to release new product enhancements to solve this problem when the nation is looking to reopen. In the midst of the COVID pandemic, they’ve been able turnaround this solution in record time, bring on a new Chief Technology Officer, clear off debt on their balance sheet and grow exponentially.

“This is a terminal problem for big and small businesses across the United States. We’ve noticed this problem with big companies like Costco and almost every local business down the street. We want to help the entire nation reopen, so they can take action, and we would love to be the knight in shining armor,” said Rhett Doolittle, CEO of Business Warrior Corporation.

Business owners are challenged with a new level of uncertainty with many difficult decisions including; funding their company during the shutdown, retaining employees, and how they can operate in a limited capacity during the pandemic.  When they can physically reopen, the plans are to predict new revenues and plan a “new normal” by restructuring their business to follow guidelines, and provide safety for their customers and employees.

“There are many obstacles for small business owners to overcome when most of them don’t know if they’ll survive financially without government funds,” said Jonathan Brooks, President of Business Warrior Corporation.

The majority of the country’s brick and mortar businesses had choices to make when the pandemic hit; 1. Keep operating as is and put the community at risk, 2. Adjust their business model to operate in a new or limited capacity by offering products and services in a safe way (curbside pickup, delivery, phone & video conferencing, etc.) or 3. Shut down completely. The majority of businesses chose the latter two options, which means they changed their hours of operation, product offerings, method of delivering service, and the way they connect with customers. Every time one of those things happens, the business should be updating every digital service that faces their customers, which includes their website, local listings, hours and every consumer app such as Yelp!. If those services are not updated then customers have trouble finding what they’re looking for, they are less likely to return to the business and they lose interest.

When COVID hit, it caused a change to almost every business’s digital footprint and now that things are changing again as restrictions loosen up, another change is required. Business Warrior has discovered that over 90% of businesses’ digital footprint is broken or they’re not connected with their most valuable returning customers. This is going to negatively impact revenues as they reopen and put their likelihood of surviving in jeopardy.

Business Warrior has offered their software for free to help businesses recognize this problem, follow steps to resolve it themselves or upgrade to have the Business Warrior team fix it for them. Their solution has been recognized nationally as a key COVID-19 resource by several municipalities across the U.S and large organizations including FedEx and Nationwide Insurance.

Additionally, they launched a Webinar to help businesses bring their customers back in an efficient and cost effective manner, which can be found here:

Perfect Timing to Bring on new Chief Technology Officer

Business Warrior Corporation is also announcing that they’ve brought on a new Chief Technology Officer, Jeremy Keehn, to lead their software development team, enhance the backend infrastructure and head overall product strategy.

“Our timing to bring on Jeremy as our CTO worked out perfectly. He’s a warrior like all business owners and he was able to recognize the effect COVID was going to have on the small business community early. He adjusted to our team’s motive quickly, providing a solution and we have been able to boost businesses during the crisis. We’re solving a real problem facing the nation, our software solution is immeasurably improved and our reach is growing exponentially month over month,” said Brooks.

Jeremy, a 20-year software veteran, previously built major software solutions for companies such as AT&T, Verizon and Nuvei Payments. He is based in Silicon Valley.

“I’m excited to join an impressive team at Business Warrior. What they’ve been able to accomplish in a short period of time with a small team is remarkable. My experience with large enterprises and startups fits the Business Warrior mentality and will help us scale our software to hundreds of thousands of businesses across the United States,” said Keehn.

The company has also achieved its debt reduction objective by executing a 3(a)(10), which has been in the market since March can be found in their corporate filings. “Taking care of a small amount of debt, less than $150,000, is a financial milestone to having a strong balance sheet, which is critical to our long-term strategy of scaling our software to every small business in America,” said Doolittle.

About Business Warrior:

Business Warrior software helps small business owners simplify and prioritize daily decisions to improve profitability. Business Warrior takes a holistic view of a business’s online reputation, listings, website, search results, and advertising and recommends the most important actions to drive new customers and improve financial results. Business Warrior is currently trading on OTC Markets under the stock ticker KDNG. We have completed the name change from Kading Companies to Business Warrior Corporation with the Wyoming Secretary of State. The paperwork is being submitted to FINRA for a name and ticker change.

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