Small Business Software Business Warrior Arms Owners With Actionable Marketing Data

Small Business Software Business Warrior Arms Owners With Actionable Marketing Data

New Small Business Software Enables Operators to Drive More Business and Simplify Life

TEMPE, AZ – Sept. 25, 2019 – Business Warrior, the small business’s trusted solution for making marketing decisions easier, today introduced a new small business software solution called Business Warrior. Unlike other single-function tools that can be complicated and narrowly focused, Business Warrior has built-in metrics that simplify marketing for storefront business operators’ specific locations, provides them with peace of mind that their marketing resources are being used in the best possible way, and drives maximum traffic to their doors.

Business Warrior does that by monitoring listings, reputation, social and website search in an objective and unbiased manner. Based on algorithms from billions of behaviors and relationships online, Business Warrior provides personalized recommendations about what will have the most impact on revenues by location – and it measures the impact of those changes once they are made. That provides businesses with assurance that their online marketing is tailored to satisfy customers and that their business is on track for future success.

“Small business owners have a lot on their plate, and that can be overwhelming at times. I know this, because I’ve spent 14 years as a small business owner myself,” said Business Warrior CEO Rhett Doolittle. “Business Warrior helps owners manage the load by simplifying marketing with built-in metrics. Now small business owners can go from worriers to warriors – attracting new and more profitable customers and spending more time on the aspects of their businesses that got them excited to be entrepreneurs in the first place.”

Business Warrior helps storefront owners and operators to:

  •  Simplify and prioritize their daily decisions to become more profitable
  • Determine what is working and what is not related to their website/SEO, social media, local listing and reputation efforts
  • Trust the decisions they make and the money they spend


The Business Warrior software assigns businesses a growth score based on their digital marketing presence and prescribes the daily actions they should take to attract new customers, grow revenue and profits, and otherwise improve business. In the process, this groundbreaking software-as-a-service helps businesses close the gap between data and the best possible action. And it prioritizes specific actions to deliver the greatest impact – enabling business owners to know how best to allocate their time and money.

“I am happy to invest in advertising or SEO if I know it’s going to work,” said Ethan Banning, the owner of Triple Threat Performance based in Scottsdale, Ariz. “But before I implemented Business Warrior, I had no idea if those investments were paying off. Now I know exactly how we are doing and where to focus my time.”

An ever-growing number of data points are now available to businesses. But rather than driving real, positive change, dashboards and data are only creating information overload. “Business Warrior changes that, enabling businesses to put data to work for them,” Doolittle added.

About Business Warrior

Business Warrior offers the Business Warrior software, which helps small business owners simplify and prioritize daily decisions to improve profitability. Business Warrior takes a holistic view of a business’s online reputation, listings, website search and social efforts and recommends the most important actions to drive new customers and have the biggest impact. Built-in metrics validate performance, ensuring that the business is on track to be as profitable as possible. For more information, please visit Find us on Facebook and LinkedIn.



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