By Rhett Doolittle

The secret to selling merchant accounts without pitching savings – Recording and Resources


Full Webinar Recording

Additional Resources on Your Partner Kit

For all of our current partners who have signed the agreement you should all have access to your Partner Resources Kit on Dropbox. This is where you will find all of your sales materials such as demo videos, click-through tutorials, sales slicks, and power points.

If you are new and looking to sell Bluume product please email our Account Executive, Jorey Wall ( directly and she will get you set-up with your own Partner Resources Kit!

Walk-through tutorials
(please note when you are unsure of where to click next, click anywhere and the blue highlighted area will guide you to where to click next)

Demo Videos

Demo Unit Options

  • Bluume offers three different demo options. Please find the demo unit options attached below.
Rhett Doolittle
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Rhett Doolittle was the founder and President of a company that reached #18 in the Inc. 500 Fastest Growing Companies in the United States. As the CEO of Business Warrior, Rhett is leading the charge on the vision and development of their software to help small businesses acquire more customers and increase profits.