Top 10 Reasons to Shop Local

Top 10 Reasons to Shop Local

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10. You Want the Best Out of Life and the Place You Live

Sure, jobs are jobs; I’m sure we would prefer to have a national jobless rate

under 1%… but if you had to choose one place to be above the rest, wouldn’t it be

where you live?

9. Existing Businesses are Negatively Affected by Big-Box Retailers

Small businesses have proven that they not only employ more jobs in an equal area

per square foot, they also produce more revenue to the local economy per square


8. You Want Major Decisions Made Locally

You don’t want decisions that affect your local community made by some executive

of a big-box retailer from across the country.

7. More Jobs

Locally owned businesses create more jobs locally, which equates to more

opportunities for you and your friends. Now that your friends have a higher

likelihood of having a job, you won’t have to keep buying them lunch.

6. Job = Income = Happiness

Everybody wants to be happy. When people have jobs, they have a sense of

responsibility and accomplishment. When they have those things, combined with

income to pay the bills, then they’re much more likely to be happy.

5. Startups and Entrepreneurship

The freedom to start a business is a major part of what makes the United States

special. Entrepreneurs fuel innovation, which leads to major changes in the world.

4. Geographic Specialties

I think about this BBQ Shrimp dish that I had in a restaurant in New Orleans – it

was amazing and tasted like nothing I’ve ever had before. I can’t wait to go back to

that city and I’m going straight back to that restaurant. Would it really be that

special if I could get it everywhere?

3. We Love Choices and Creativity

Can you imagine a country where the only places to shop were Walmart, Target or

Starbucks? I love finding new hidden hot spots and seeing things that I’ve never

seen before. I can’t remember the last time I felt good and happy that I was shopping

in a Walmart.

2. Shorten the Gap Between the Low & Upper Class

Most big businesses started small at some point. Small local business owners that

are able to prosper are one of the major ways people are able to get out of low-wage

jobs and into the middle class.

1. Keep Money in the Local Economy

Locally owned businesses recycle a much larger (more than 2X) share of their

revenue back into the local economy, which helps the entire local community. More

money in the local economy positively affects all 9 of the previous reasons.

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