Two Local Tech Companies Join Forces to Help Arizona’s Brick & Mortar Businesses


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Two Local Tech Companies Join Forces to 

Help Arizona’s Brick & Mortar Businesses

TEMPE, Ariz. – Jan. 21, 2021 – Arizona-based Hownd® and Business Warrior™ have partnered to equip local brick & mortar businesses with the one-two growth punch they need to survive and thrive despite pandemic-driven economic challenges.

The two companies share a common goal of fiercely supporting local small businesses by helping them grow affordably and with less effort. They’ve teamed up to help merchants get more customers and increase their revenue, while simplifying and prioritizing their daily decisions and improving profitability. Through the partnership, the two companies are packing more value into the growth-oriented services they’re delivering to businesses. 

Business Warrior takes a holistic view of a business and its digital presence by providing a “Growth Score” that takes key factors into consideration, including discoverability, marketing, reputation, website efficacy, and search rank. It’s like a credit score for a business that provides the owner/operator a deeper and intuitive understanding of how well their business is performing online so they can make the necessary improvements and reach more customers.

In addition to the growth score, Business Warrior provides merchants with “milestones” designed to boost their growth score factors. Milestones are delivered with step-by-step instructions prioritized in order of what is most beneficial to a business. The result: Increasing the score yields more customers. Before, during and after the growth score improvement process, Hownd generates more customers and revenue for a business by making their promotional offers like gift cards, coupons, and value-added packages easy for nearby consumers to discover, claim, purchase and redeem. Hownd does this through email, a merchant’s website, Facebook, the MyHownd® mobile app, MyHownd Screens (digital signage), and their MyHownd WiFi service.  As a business optimizes its growth score by implementing Business Warrior’s recommended steps, Hownd’s ability to generate more customers and revenue for a business increases due to the improved visibility that comes from a business boosting its online presence, reputation, and becoming easier to find online.

Brandon Willey, CEO of Hownd

“Our partnership provides a powerful, zero-risk, and nearly effortless set of online marketing technology solutions that has been elusive to small brick & mortar businesses up to now,” according to Brandon Willey, Founder & CEO of Hownd. “The intention of this new powerful partnership is to help owners/operators rise above the current and future growth challenges the pandemic has dealt them.” 

“So many of the businesses we’ve worked with have told us about their ongoing struggle with the day-to-day marketing and growing of their business due to the effort, marketing savvy, technology expertise, and investment required, says Jonathan Brooks, President of Business Warrior. “Our collaboration solves these pain points while also removing the previous barriers to entry.”

The zero-risk proposition comes into play because Hownd doesn’t charge a set-up or monthly subscription fee. A merchant only pays Hownd a flat nominal fee when it brings them positive business results, like paying customers. The fee is fixed so even when a customer spends more than the average transaction value, Hownd’s “pay-for-performance” fee doesn’t increase.

Jonathan Brooks, President of Business Warrior

For businesses that use Business Warrior’s services, there are no fees for their basic service that includes a core set of six performance metrics and the accompanying milestone recommendations to improve a business’s online performance. Through the partnership, a business working with Hownd will also have free access to an upgraded version of Business Warrior’s software solution that includes additional performance metrics and milestones that are otherwise only available through its paid monthly subscription service. Their Professional Services team will provide a complimentary consultation of a business’s brand, online presence, marketing and website to evaluate the best path for them to get customers.

“Our partnership provides convenient, powerful, and value-added services to businesses working with both our companies,” explains Willey. Adds Brooks: “We’ve heard loud and clear from the many small local businesses that our respective companies support about their acute need for an easy and affordable set of services that meet their digital marketing needs. The partnership between Hownd and Business Warrior gives business owners a team focused exclusively on getting them more customers, revenue, and profit.”

To learn more about the partnership and how to work with both Business Warrior and Hownd to improve your business’s online presence while increasing customers and revenue, visit or

How Business Warrior Works:

About Business Warrior

Business Warrior is the source for small businesses in America to enhance their brand and boost marketing results. The Business Warrior software takes a holistic view of a business’s online reputation, listings, website search results and social media. Predictive algorithms are utilized to recommend the most imperative actions needed to drive new customers, positively impact daily operations and improve profitability. For more information, please visit

About Hownd

Hownd® is a proven, automated, effortless, and pay-only-for-results foot traffic and revenue-generation platform. It creates profitable customer visits for local brick & mortar retail businesses by delivering their promotional offers to existing and new nearby consumers through the merchant’s website, social media, email, the MyHownd® mobile app, MyHownd TV Digital Signage, and the MyHownd Guest WiFi service. Hownd can have a merchant’s offers available to nearby consumers in less than 48 hours after signing up. Learn more at or call 877-394-2410.

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