The Two Most Valuable Places to Advertise Your Permanent Makeup Clinic

Permanent Makeup Clinic
Permanent Makeup Clinic

If you want to sell your skills as a permanent makeup artist, then you need to become a local master of digital spaces. That means putting your business in the right places online to attract local clients and showcasing your skill. There are a few platforms that are better for this than others and today, Business Warrior is going to share those with you. 

Put your Permanent Makeup Clinic on Google My Business

What is the first thing you do when you’re looking up a new service? You Google it! Chances are, you often look at those businesses that are featured in a little box, right? You can see their location, their reviews, and their hours in just one glance. That’s their GMB – Google My Business – Listing. If you don’t have one, you’re missing out on countless opportunities. 

Google My Business is a free lead generation tool that puts your business in the spotlight and lists it on Google Maps. All of your relevant information (input by you!) will be there, including your location, a short description of your business, photos, reviews, contact information, and hours. 

GMB is a huge source of information and discovery. In fact, 84% of all searches focus on discovery, which means you’re potentially missing out on 84% of opportunities if you’re not on GMB. 

It works too. From January 2020 to July 2020, businesses saw a 61% increase in calls thanks to their GMB listing. On top of that, over 5% of GMB views result in a sale! A 5 percent conversion rate may not seem like much, but considering that an average business is found 1,009 times in searches per month, you’re looking at roughly 51 conversions per month – all from a single listing.

Even if you don’t want to generate business from GMB, a majority of people – 64% in fact – rely on GMB listings to find contact information. Make it easy for your existing client base to find you and call you to set up their next appointment by getting a GMB listing. 

Never Underestimate the Power of Reviews

Reviews can be scary, but they are a huge part of GMB and your visibility on the platform. The more 5-star reviews your business has, the more likely it will appear on the top of all of the local GMB listings in your industry. This increases a potential client’s chance of finding you! 

On top of that, reviews build credibility. Think of it this way: you are permanently altering someone’s appearance. Would you trust someone to do that if they only had 3 reviews? Most of your potential clients will think this way; 93% of customers might be influenced by online reviews or by the lack of them. 

Therefore it goes without saying that reviews can either increase or decrease sales, depending on the star rating. Positive reviews matter! They not only improve your search engine ranking but also serve as free and reliable ads for your products or services. For instance, customers are more confident to try out a product with many positive reviews as opposed to one with a lot of criticisms.

It’s important to gain positive reviews, but remember that even the best businesses get negative reviews. If this happens to you, we have an entire blog on how to respond to negative reviews, so check that out!


Can you say photos and engagement? Facebook is king here! No other platform allows you to share as much about your business as Facebook does. You can post everything from photos and specials to updated hours and customer appreciation! 

You may be thinking that your audience is too young for Facebook, but 26.4% of the platform’s users are actually millennials, while about 36% are 45+. That is a good age range for those who want permanent makeup! In total, Facebook’s potential advertising reach is 2.11 billion people (72.5% of their active monthly users). 

However, a little food for thought here: Facebook will likely house a majority of your competition. If you want to stand out here, you’ll have to do something different and you’ll have to do it well. We recommend appealing to your audience and being true to your brand – after all, there is only one you! 

If you’re not sure how to get started with GMB or need help with your Facebook page, sign up today for Business Warrior. Our software scans your website to find opportunities for listings, reviews, and mentions of your business on GMB. This allows you to enhance your reputation and drive traffic to position you above your competitors! Sign up today

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