Business 101: What is a Landing Page and Do You Need One?

What is a Landing Page

You may have heard the term “landing page” before. But what is a landing page? If you don’t know, don’t worry! Many business owners aren’t aware they exist until they work with an advertising agency. 

In short terms, a landing page is a supplement to a strong advertisement campaign. They make it easy for potential customers to find exactly what they’re looking for. In long terms…

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is where a visitor “lands” after they click on a link in an email, or ads. They’re

a standalone website that’s designed to sell

Unlike websites or web pages, a landing page doesn’t want users to explore. It wants them to do one thing: complete the call to action. It can be a form, making a call, purchasing the item/service, or signing up for something. The entire focus is to make the customer journey more simplistic. This way, they don’t have to search through your website to find what they’re interested in — it’s all right there. 

Types of Landing Pages

We can’t fully answer “what is a landing page” without going over the most common types of landing pages first.

Lead Generation

Lead generation pages are designed to bring in new customers (new leads). Depending on your business, a new lead can be a new email subscriber, a new sale, a new patient, etc. In its most basic form, a lead generation page describes the product/service, why you need it, why you need it from that company, and includes a form to gather the new customer’s name, email, and phone number.  

Product Detail

Product detail pages are extremely common and very simple. They’re typically used in retail to direct potential customers to specific products or services. 

For example, say you’re the owner of a photography studio. Your studio offers three main services: photoshoots, video shoots, and photo editing. You decided you want to have more video business. Instead of directing your ads to your website, you would direct them to a product landing page that’s all about your video services. 


Click-through landing pages present information about a discount, promotion, or offer with the intent of convincing the user to purchase right away. They’re short and simple, as customers who see these often already know about your business. 


Explainer pages rely on heavy amounts of content to inform your customer and lead them through the sales funnel so they’re ready to buy when they reach the end of the page.

How to Make a Quality Landing Page

Every landing page will be different, but you need these three things for it to be successful: 

A hook. A strong lead in that captures attention immediately so people don’t click off your page. Instead of “buy now,” try being solution-oriented. Opening your landing page with “speed up your website” will likely attract more people than “download Business Warrior now.” 

Strong calls to action (CTAs). If a reader doesn’t know what to do on the page, then they’ll leave it. Make sure it has a clear call-to-action in many places so users know when and where to buy, to find more information, or to contact you. 

Value. A page without value is a page that doesn’t convert readers into customers. Show them why they need your product and service, and do it succinctly and quickly. 

If you’ve written ads before, then you know these three things are essential to making ads perform well too. So why double down with similar content? Don’t the ads work just fine on their own? They can, but most of the time, they don’t. 

Do I Need a Landing Page?

Not every business will need a landing page. If you only offer one or two services, or if your business is doing fine with your current advertising strategy, then don’t add a landing page into the mix until you’re ready to expand. 

However, most businesses don’t offer just one or two things. It’s common for them to offer 5-10+ things! People like it to be simple. They like to click once and that’s usually it. 

Using the aforementioned photography business as an example, a landing page for family photoshoots allows people who interact with the ads to be sent to a relevant page. Now, you may be thinking “my website is relevant to my ads” and you’d be right. However, it’s also relevant for all of your other services. 

With a landing page, your customers won’t have to shift through photoshoot information to get to the video shoots. Sure, you can have different service pages, but the more navigating the potential customer has to do, the more likely they are to leave your website. 

On top of that, a landing page is designed to make a sale. Your website isn’t. While making a sale is a portion of your site, it’s not the main focus. It’s easy to get lost in the details, to do too much research, or to find a flashier looking business. All of that is cut out with a landing page. 

If you’re still on the fence, ask yourself this one question: Do you have paid search ads running on Google? If the answer is yes, then you do need a landing page. 

If you’re still not convinced, test it! Landing pages gives you the opportunity to implement better conversion tracking, more creative versatility, and the possibility of testing performances so you can see if your website or your landing page is bringing in more customers. 

So do you need a landing page? Yes. Yes you do. If you want to dive deeper into the world of  advertising and tracking, Business Warrior can help. Visit us online to learn more.

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